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5 best knocks of Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is Australia’s most successful captain. He is also one of the greatest batters of all time. For a long period of time he was considered the best one down batter across the globe. He amassed heaps of runs in both white and red ball formats. Throughout his illustrious career he played numerous innings that helped his team cross the finish line. It was difficult to prepare a list of his top 5 knocks as there were at least 20 innings which were worthy of this list. But, still we have narrowed it down to five innings. Here are Ponting’s top 5 knocks.

1. 140* vs India at Johannesburg in 2003

If an Indian supporter was asked to recall some of the most heart-breaking innings played by an opposition player, Ricky Ponting’s innings during the final of the 2003 World Cup would likely feature at the top of their list.

Despite the disappointment it caused, it’s hard to deny that Ponting’s performance was truly exceptional, as he almost single-handedly secured the World Cup title for Australia with his brilliant batting. In that match in Johannesburg, he smashed eight massive sixes and played a crucial role in taking Australia’s total to a formidable 359 runs. Which India ultimately failed to chase down. Overall, it was an outstanding ODI inning that will be remembered for a long time.

2. 196 vs England at Brisbane in 2006

During the Ashes of 2006-07, Australia was facing significant pressure from both their supporters and former cricketers due to their loss to England in the previous series. However, as the saying goes, great players rise to the occasion in times of adversity, and Ricky Ponting proved to be no exception. With exceptional composure and skill, he dismantled the English bowling attack during the match in Brisbane.

Which ultimately led to an incredible score of 196 runs. This inning played a pivotal role in Australia’s overall success. As they went on to achieve a 5-0 whitewash victory over England in that series.

Ricky Ponting

3. 257 vs India at MCG in 2003

Ricky Ponting was known for his love of scoring runs against India, and particularly for scoring big runs. One of the finest innings of his career and his highest Test score was against India in 2003, where he completely dominated their strong bowling attack. The statistics of this inning are remarkable; he batted for a staggering 590 minutes, faced 480 deliveries, and smashed 25 boundaries. Even his opponents were in awe of his greatness and paid him the utmost respect for his incredible display of batting. If one were to use the term “superhuman”, this innings would certainly serve as a prime example of it.

4. 164 vs South Africa at Johannesburg in 2006

Ricky Ponting’s most outstanding ODI innings occurred during what is widely regarded as the greatest ODI match ever played. In which Australia suffered an extraordinary defeat. Despite the team’s loss, Ponting’s performance was exceptional as he aggressively attacked the South African bowlers, hitting an impressive 13 fours and 9 sixes in his innings. Even more remarkably, he achieved this feat in just 105 balls. Although the outcome of the match was disappointingly shocking for Australia. And, Ponting’s innings was eclipsed by Gibb’s 175 masterpiece. However, still this inning is widely regarded as one of Ponting’s finest performances in cricket.

5. 197 vs Pakistan at Perth in 1999

This particular innings marked the emergence of a young Ricky Ponting in the cricket world. As he announced his arrival with an outstanding performance against the formidable Pakistani bowling attack. It is worth noting that he batted at number 6 during this match. Ponting began his innings in an attacking and aggressive manner, taking on all of Pakistan’s best bowlers and reaching his century quickly. However, he did not stop there, realizing the need to make a massive impact, he continued to bat with incredible skill and confidence, ultimately achieving a scintillating score of 197. It was a great shame that he fell just three runs short of a double century.

Let us know in comments which of these innings is your favorite.

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