Alastair Cook vs Virat Kohli: Statistical Analysis

An overview to Alastair Cook and Virat Kohli

Alastair Cook vs Virat Kohli comparison and debate has always been rife in the cricket world. Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer who made his international debut in 2008. Alastair Cook hails from England and had his international debut in 2006. Cook has played against great cricket legends such as Sachin Tendulkar. 

This article takes a look at Alastair cook and Virat’s different performance metrics and statistical record. This will help us figure out who is better than the other. Let’s dive in!

Alastair Cook vs Virat Kohli comparison 

Alastair cook vs Virat Kohli
Alastair cook and Virat kohli Shaking hands


Alastair managed to score 12,472 test runs before retirement. Virat Kohli currently has 8,119 test runs to his name. But, Virat has scored more ODI runs compared to Alastair. Standing at 12,809, Virat has over 9,600 runs ahead of Alastair Cook. Kohli also takes the lead in Twenty20 International with a core run of 4008 compared to Cook’s 61 records.


Alastair played a total of 257 matches in his cricket career. Virat has played a record 491 matches so far. This sum excludes matches played in the Indian premier league.


Alastair was one of the best openers in England’s cricket history. He has 33 test centuries to his name while Virat has 27 so far. Virat has the potential to surpass Cook’s score in this duel as he is still currently playing.


Cook batted 291 innings in 161 matches of his test cricket career. Virat has made 177 innings in 104 matches so far. This comparison in Alastair Cook vs Virat Kohli shows that Cook scored more innings than Virat in 104 matches.


Virat Kohli scores better averages compared to Alastair in all cricket formats. Virat boasts averages of 48.9,57.7 and 52.7 for test series, ODI, and T20I respectively. Cook on the other hand 45.4,36.4 and 15.2 for all three formats. Virat takes the lead on this metric.

Highest Score

Alastair takes the leading highest score in the test series with 294 compared to Virat who has 254 so far. Virat has a higher score of 183 and 122 in ODI and T20I compared to Cook who has a score of 137 and 26 respectively.

alastair cook making hundred
Alastair cook After a Ton
Virat kohli shot
Virat Kohli playing a shot

Verdict between them

Alastair Cook vs Virat Kohli analysis is one that may never end. The two are however some of the best cricketers of our time. However, whereas Cook shines in the test format, Virat takes the lead in all cricket formats. Little wonder he is the ‘king of cricket’.

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