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Australia backed off from series against Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the Taliban recently outlawed women from entering universities and forbade teenage females from attending school. It was a choice that has drawn heavy criticism from all over the world. Several female athletes in Afghanistan are said to have fled the country after the Taliban seized power there in August 2021 after receiving threats to their lives.The ODI series against Afghanistan has been cancelled by the Australian Cricket Board (CA) in an effort to put up a front against this.Rawpixel

In reaction to the Taliban’s increasing limitations on women and girls’ access to school and employment, Cricket Australia has chosen to withdraw from the ODI series versus Afghanistan. The Australian men’s squad was scheduled to play Afghanistan in March, however the tournament will not proceed as scheduled in light of the declaration made on Thursday.

The upcoming three-match ICC Super League ODI series among both Australia and Afghanistan, timetabled for the United Arab Emirates in March 2023, will be postponed, according to a statement from Cricket Australia. “After extensive discussions with stakeholders, including the Australian Government,” the statement read. According to Cricket Australia, the decision was made in response to the Taliban’s recent statement of additional limitations upon women and girls’ access to parks and gyms, as well as their possibilities for education and employment. CA is dedicated to promoting the expanding global sport for all sexes, including Afghanistan. In the hopes of improving circumstances for women and girls, we will also keep supporting the Afghanistan Cricket Board. We appreciate the Australian government’s assistance in this case.

The ICC Super League presently has Australia in sixth place. The top eight teams from this will automatically qualify for the Men’s Cricket World Cup, which will take place in India later this year.

In a statement from September 2021, Ahmadullah Wasiq, the deputy head of the Taliban’s culture council, claimed that women did not need to participate in sports. He’d stated, “He might come across a scenario in cricket when his body and face aren’t covered. Islam forbids women from being viewed in this way.”

During 1996 to 2001, women remained absolutely prohibited from participating in any sport or pursuing an education under the Taliban’s oppressive rule. Public executions were frequently conducted in athletic arenas. A Taliban attack forced the postponement of a Test match between Australia and Afghanistan that was scheduled to take place in November 2021. But ever since the Taliban took control, Afghanistan has kept taking part in ICC competitions. The recent T20 World Cup saw participation from the Afghanistan men’s national team as well.

Starting on January 14, the Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup will not feature the Afghanistan team. For the ICC ODI Super League, which was staged in conjunction with the ODI World Cup, the victorious team was to get points. 30 percent of the series’ points will be credited to Afghanistan’s account because Australia has decided to cancel this matchup.

Cricket Australia was lauded by Australia’s sports minister, Anika Wells, for suspending international games against Afghanistan in disapproval of the Taliban’s “awful” maltreatment of women and girls.
It is undoubtedly impossible for either of these countries to continue with the ODI series given the current situation.

Now, the Afghanistan Cricket Board has responded.
The Afghanistan Cricket Board is in disbelief over Cricket Australia’s decision to back out.
It’s going to be interesting to watch the path that the ACB decides to take in the near future.

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