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Babar Azam

Cricketer Babar azam


Bio Data

Full Name: Muhammad Babar Azam

Resident: Lahore, Pakistan

DOB: 15 October, 1994.

Age: 28 Years

Babar Azam centuries master

An Overview of Babar Azam

Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricketer who currently serves as the captain of the Pakistani national team in all formats. Babar azam centuries and fifties have broken many records. He is one of the best batsmen in the world and has a strong reputation. He is consistent player and has the ability to score runs in all formats of the game.

World Records: Babar Azam centuries, Fifties and Runs

Most runs in a series by a Captain (1454) ODI

Most Centuries by Babar Azam in a Series (6) ODI

Fastest Player to reach 3000 runs in T20

Most Fifties in consecutive innings (9) in all formats

Most consecutive matches as a captain of the team (55) T20

Babar Azam centuries maker

A Man of Strength: Babar Azam Centuries master

One of Babar’s biggest strengths is his consistency. He has a high batting average in all formats of the game and has consistently performed well for Pakistan over the past several years. Whenever Pakistani team needs to chase a high target, Babar Azam centuries and fifties lead them to victory. His strong technical ability is also a key factor in his success as a batsman. He has a good eye for the ball and the ability to play a wide range of shots, which makes him a difficult player to bowl to.

Babar’s leadership skills are also noteworthy. He was appointed as the captain of the Pakistani national team in all formats in 2020 and has shown good leadership skills so far. His calm and composed personality help him to perform well under pressure and lead his team to victory. He has a good reputation in the cricket world for his sportsman spirit, which is a rare trait among cricketers. During his form, whatever the tactics bowlers use, they can’t stop this remarkable player.

Babar Azam centuries and fifties
Pakistan's captain Babar Azam signals to teammates

Strong Character of Babar Azam

In terms of characteristics, Babar is known for his calm and composed nature under pressure. He is a consistent performer, with a strong technical ability and good leadership skills. Babar has a strong fan following and is considered one of the best batsmen in the world. He is known for his sportsman spirit and his willingness to play for his team. Even in pressure matches, Babar Azam centuries and fifties makes the team vital among others.
Babar azam a great man
Babar Azam poses for photography

Challenges for Babar Azam comes along with high scoring capabilities

Despite his many strengths, Babar does have some weaknesses as well. One of his biggest challenges has been to establish himself as a dominant player in the international arena. He has been playing for Pakistan since 2015 but has yet to fully establish himself as a top player in the world.

Another issue for Babar has been injuries. He has struggled with injuries in the past, which have kept him out of the game for extended periods of time. As a result, even after Babar Azam’s record breaking centuries and fifties, he is facing some setback. It prevents him from consistently performing at the highest level.

Babar has also been criticized for his lack of aggressiveness in certain situations. Some experts believe that he should be more aggressive in his approach. He should take more risks in order to score more runs. However, Babar’s style is more of a consistent and steady approach, which has worked well for him so far.

Challenges faced by him
Babar Azam Playing a shot in Test Cricket


Babar Azam is a talented and skilled cricketer with a strong reputation for his consistency and ability to score runs in all formats of the game. He has many strengths, including his technical ability, leadership skills, and calm and composed personality. Babar Azam is able to flawlessly score centuries and fifties. However, he does have some weaknesses as well, including a lack of dominance in the international arena and a tendency to struggle with injuries. Despite these challenges, he is an exceptional batsman, which set him apart from other Pakistani players.

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