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Ben Stokes Expresses Frustration Over Shoaib Bashir’s Delay

Ben Stokes is “frustrated” that Shoaib Bashir’s visa application for England’s tour of India is still taking too long. In response, the Somerset offspinner had to go back to the UK, which meant he couldn’t play in the first Test.

England didn’t have Bashir with them when they got to India on Sunday because he stayed in Abu Dhabi with the ECB’s director of cricket operations, Stuart Hooper, and the rest of the team while they trained for the series. At first, it looked like he would be able to join his friends in Hyderabad on Tuesday. But because of more delays, the 20-year-old has gone back home to try to speed up the process.

Bashir is a British citizen because he was born in Surrey. But as someone with Pakistani roots, he is having problems getting into India because of the long-standing conflict between the two countries.

Visa Struggles Continue

Umar Khawaja, who was born in Islamabad, also arrived late for Australia’s trip at the beginning of 2023 because of a visa delay. This happened just last year. Pakistan had to cancel a pre-season training camp in Dubai because they didn’t get their passes for the recent ODI World Cup until the day before they were supposed to fly out.

Usman Khawaja’s wife Rachel voices support

Just after the team was named on December 11, applications for Bashir and the other players and support staff were sent in. The other England player on this tour with a similar background was Rehan Ahmed. He already had all the appropriate paperwork because he was ready for the World Cup.

People are hopeful that Bashir will be there by the weekend. But Ben Stokes is still angry about what he has been through at the start of his first England tour.

“Especially as captain I find it particularly frustrating,” Ben Stokes told me.

Stokes Expresses Frustration

“We told everyone about that team in the middle of December, and now Bash can’t get here because he doesn’t have a visa.” It makes me more angry for him. I didn’t want this to be his first time being in this kind of situation with the England Test team. I feel sorry for him.

He’s not the first cricket player to have this problem, though. I’ve played with a lot of people who have had the same. I don’t like that we picked a player but he can’t play because of visa problems. I feel terrible for him, especially since he’s so young. As annoying as it is, many people have been working hard to get through it. That’s too bad, and I feel terrible for him.

Test Debut Dream On Hold

Bashir was picked because he did so well at an England Lions training camp in November. He showed what a good six-foot-four off-spinner he was by giving the ball a good number of turns, which made the selection look past the fact that he had only 10 wickets at an average of 67 in six first-class matches.

Test Debut Dream On Hold

Bashir was said to have done well when he promoted to the Test team and bowled very well during the 10-day training camp in the UAE. He could have made his start this week since the first game of the series was going to be on a spinning pitch. Not having a visa takes away that chance, even though he could have arrived on Wednesday, the day before the Test.

“He can’t be here, so he’s not welcome,” Stokes said on Tuesday. “We had no idea about what we would do with the first team before we came here.” In India, people like to take a close look at the field to see how it might used. Sorry, Bash can’t be here. That means he can’t play in this game.

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