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Benefits of Playing Cricket

Shaking hands while playing cricket

An overview

The health benefits of playing cricket are numerous and infinite in number. Crickets can be played both competitively and as a recreation or socialization activity. Competitive cricket involves two teams with 11 players on each side. 


You and your friends can bond over a cricket game on the beach or park. All you need is a DIY wicket, a ball, and a bat and you are good to go. This article aims to highlight some surprising health benefits of cricket.

Amazing Health Benefits of playing cricket

Benefits of playing cricket
India's Smriti Mandhana plays a shot during the Women's Cricket World Cup


Cricket improves overall hand-eye coordination. You need to build excellent coordination during ball delivery and catching a ball to win. Good coordination helps improve brain functioning and processing for high cognitive ability.


Motor skills

Motor skills are critical for human survival. One of the health benefits of playing cricket is a more developed and improved motor skill action. Different cricket skills and moves such as bowling and batting are dependent on motor skills. Cricket heavily relies on different muscles for movement.


Weight loss

The number of obesity-related health complications is steadily on the rise. This has led to an increase in the number of lifestyle-related diseases globally. Cricket involves constant movement that includes running and sprinting. This helps you burn calories which in turn enables you to lose weight.


Cardiovascular health

One of the most critical health benefits of playing cricket is enhancing your cardiovascular health. Cricket involves physical activity. This helps improve blood flow which in turn helps you avoid heart issues such as strokes.


Building muscle mass

You have to use a lot of shoulder and arm strength when throwing a ball. Excellent control is also necessary for batting and bowling. Cricket helps you activate various muscle groups. This significantly helps to reinforce and build your muscle tissues.


FAQs on Health Benefits of Playing Cricket

Health benefits of running during playing cricket
George Garton (l) and Delray Rawlins (r) make some runs during the T20

Is physical fitness important in cricket?

Yes, you require strength, stamina, and speed to become a great cricketer. This will help you endure the long hours on the field and keep you healthy.

Which muscles are used most when playing cricket?

For the upper body, your shoulders play a great role. Your hamstring and back help provide you with enough stamina and power during play.

Is cricket good for your heart?

Yes, cricket offers the perfect exercise for enhancing your heart health.

The health benefits of playing cricket cannot be ignored. It does not matter whether you are a professional or doing it for fun. Cricket is the perfect choice of sport for you!

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