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Cricket Plans – What the Future Holds?


Plan to Assimilate Artificial Intelligence in Cricket

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to simulate human consciousness. Whereby they can perform functions that require human intelligence and discernment. Alongside the technological advancements, AI too has evolved over time. Development in similar technologies like machine learning, deep learning, etc is prevailing widely. Akin to the pervasion of technological advancements and their ready acceptance into the mainstream sport of cricket. AI also found itself in a similar position. However, few worry that the assimilation of AI shouldn’t be included in future Cricket plans. It can lead to some unforeseen, and wholly avoidable severe repercussions.

Experts Views on Future Plans for Cricket

cricket plans for future
AI Machine learning

While on the one hand, technological advancements have been readily accepted in the international cricket arena. Especially T20, with test cricket being the second in line. There have been instances, where the integration of AI in this game has come under fire.

One such opponent of the increased role of AI in cricket is Australia’s former captain Greg Chappell.

He strongly believes that robots, drones, virtual reality, and Augmented reality have the potential of changing the game. He has via a column published in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ voiced his concerns that plans to assimilate AI in cricket is invariably bound to make the game unpredictable and less staid.

However, other players have found the concern of the 74-year-old veteran captain to be nothing more than irrational fears. They have argued in favor of the assimilation of AI. They have cited the critical role played by technological advancements like – Speed Gun, Hawkeye, Spider cam, etc. These players think that the board must include major AI advancements in their future cricket plans.


These advancements have not only contributed majorly to the methodology of the players. But they have also catered to the requirements of the associated yet critical parts of the game like – umpires, spectators, commentators, etc. All in all, it can be argued that think tanks must plan to assimilate AI in cricket. Because, with proper safeguards and regulatory mechanisms, AI is inevitably bound to take the game toward a much better.

Future cricket plans
Internet connection controlled AI Robot



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