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Cricket Rules for The Perfect Game


Cricket rules are essential in managing gameplay. They help you understand how cricket scoring is obtained. Cricket is a global sport and you need to understand the game’s basics in order to enjoy it and socialize better with other cricket enthusiasts. This is sure to elevate your cricket experience.

Essential Cricket rules for Beginners

Umpires cricket rules
Umpires are standing with Players
  1. Umpire rules cannot be overturned in a cricket match. Any player who refuses to follow the umpire’s decision is sure to face disciplinary measures. This may include dismissal. It is therefore important that you remain professional with the umpire at all times.
  2. You risk getting penalized if you waste time in a cricket match. This cricket rule is new batsmen are not allowed to play if they take more than two minutes to enter the field after a wicket falls. This helps curb time wastage.
  3. Each team consists of 11 players. The twelfth player serves as a substitution in case of injury. The 11 players consist of a captain whose main role is to ensure that no more than 11 players are on the field including himself. The game usually has 2 umpires inside the field and one outside for this reason.
  4. Each cricket game has at least one inning. Each team alternates between the various game sets such as bowling and batting.
  5. Six consequent ball deliveries by a bowler to a batsman make one over. A ball is considered complete if the striker hits it but misses. A new team member takes the bowling position whenever an over is complete.

Common Terms Used in Cricket

Cricket rules
No ball by Crossing crease


This happens when the captain closes their team’s innings because they are sure they have the highest score runs to clinch a win. It can only be done by the captain on the batting side.

Super Over

Super overs result from a tie in cricket scoring. Through this cricket rule, both teams are given the chance to bat one over so they can break the tie. The second team to bat during a game starts a super over.

Follow On

The second team to bat may be forced to follow an inning when they score lesser runs. This consequent batting is usually referred to as a follow-on.


Several issues such as rain may cause match interruptions. When this happens there are mathematical applications used to reset the match duration and targets. This is what the Duckworth-Lewis system entails.

Cricket rules are numerous in number. The rules listed in this article form the foundation of a great cricket match. These insights will help you enjoy your next cricket game.



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