Cricket World Cup 2023: Criteria and Qualifiers

Every cricket fan is waiting to see his favorite team in action in this biggest event of cricket. First, Cricket world cup 2023 was scheduled for 9 February 2023 but, due to Covid complications, ICC has delayed and the new date is scheduled from 10 October 2023 to 26 November 2023.

Celebration in cricket stadium

Qualification Process for Cricket World Cup 2023

It will be the 13th edition and India is the hosting nation of the WC this time. Previously world cup was partially hosted there in 1987, 1996, and 2011. The entire world cup matches are taking place in India for the first time in history.

Each team has to go through ICC super league to qualify for the cricket World cup 2023. The leagues started in July 2020 and will end in May 2023. There are 13 qualified teams for the Super leagues. 12 are the full ICC members while the Netherlands won the 2015-17 ICC world cricket league to qualify for this championship. Each team will play the ODI series against 8 other teams. The team has to organize 4 series at the home ground and 4 in other countries.

Criteria for selecting in world cup 2023

From those 13 competitors, 8 teams will qualify directly by the super league, while the remaining 5 teams have to go through the WP qualifier round. From the qualifier round, 2 will be selected for the cricket tournament.

Cricket world cup 2023 leading captains
Captains of major teams

Hence, the total number of teams for the Cricket World Cup 2023 will be 10. Furthermore, there is League 2 and a challenge league as well.

From league 2, the top 3 will go to the WC qualifier round. While the bottom 4 have to justify their capability by Qualifier Play-off. However, from the challenge league, the top 2 will qualify for the Qualifier Play-off. While the remaining will be eliminated. So, the Qualifier play-off will be played between 6 teams. However, the WC qualifier round will be played between 10 teams.

Teams ranking for Cricket WC 2023

For now, 7 teams including the host have secured their position for the World cup. The selected teams are India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, England, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. However, 6 teams are still struggling to defend their position.

As 7 teams have already made their place for the cricket world cup 2023 through the WC super league rankings. Now, just 1 spot is remaining for automatic qualification. Others teams will have to prove themselves in the World Cup qualifier round. For now, West Indies sit in the 8th position with 88 points. While Sri Lanka has 77 points and Ireland has 68 points.

Cricket world cup 2023 trophy
World cup trophy

Sri Lanka’s campaign will end in March with the final matches against NZ. While Ireland is hosting Bangladesh in May for the WP super league. 3 matches are remaining for both teams, to get the Ranking above West Indies.

The former world cup champion team
Current ODI World Cup 2019 Champions

South Africa is also lagging with 59 points. But SA has to play 5 ODIs of the super league campaign yet. So, there are chances for this team to secure its position as the World cup finalists. However, Zimbabwe and Netherlands haven’t performed well in the super leagues.

Now, their selection depends on the world cup qualifier round scheduled in Zimbabwe. Hence, the teams are almost finalized, now just looking forward to the 8th team. The remaining 2 will be decided during the Cricket world cup 2023 qualifier round.

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