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Deepak Chahar’s Resilience: Aiming for T20 World Cup After Personal Challenges

India seamer Deepak Chahar is ready to play again after a tough time in his personal life that kept him from a few tasks. He wants to play in the T20 World Cup in June, which will be hosted by the USA and the West Indies together.

Chahar missed India’s December tour of South Africa and the home T20Is against Afghanistan because his father had a brain stroke. His father is now better. Indian teams won’t play any more T20Is until the World Cup in June, so Chahar’s only chance to make the team is to do well in the IPL, which starts in March.

Deepak Chahar Prioritizes Father

“My dad is the most important thing to me.” I’m only here because of him. Everything I’ve done is because of my dad. Is that the kind of kid I am if I’m not there for him when things go wrong?” Chahar said to PTI.

“I would have tried to play if the series had been in India.” In four to five hours, you can go to the hospital if you need to. Of course, it takes two to three days to get back from South Africa.

“It was easy to choose to be with my dad.” That’s something any kid would do.

Deepak Chahar Prioritizes Father

“I spent 25 days in the hospital with my dad.” He was allowed to stay in Aligarh. He said, “We all had to stay there.”

“I could only work out a little.” There was nothing I could do that had to do with cricket. That’s the reason I wasn’t ready for the Afghanistan series. I hadn’t worked out in about a month.

“I went to the NCA after that.” My practice began again, and now I’m fully fit. Everything is fine. For the IPL and the World Cup, I worked out hard.

He said that the fact that he missed the last two T20 World Cups because of injuries gives him extra drive to make his case for selection.

“I have missed two [T20] World Cups because of my injuries,” he stated. “I would have been on the World Cup team too if I was fully fit.” There must always be a bowler who can hit at Nos. 7, 8, and 9 for every situation and every team. I did that and helped the Indian team score runs.

Dhoni should keep playing for two or three more years

Chahar says that MS Dhoni helped him build and sustain his career, but he doesn’t want the news of the CSK captain’s retirement to get out too soon.

Chahar said of Dhoni, “It took me two or three years to get used to being around him.” “He treats me like a younger brother, but I see him as an older brother.”

Deepak Chahar credits MS Dhoni

“I would say that he was the only reason I got the chance to play for India. Before that, he gave me a great chance to play in all 14 IPL games.” I played all 14 games in 2018.

If Dhoni, who has had a knee injury for about a year, wants to enjoy his game, Chahar told him, he shouldn’t take on more duty with CSK at this point in his career.

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