Dhoni’s Everlasting Presence: CSK’s Customary Captain Ignores Talks of Retiring

Hussey and Fleming are part of the nucleus that formed the team’s ethos along with the charismatic Thala, but they haven’t been able to develop into super coaches.

Michael Hussey shared about MS Dhoni vs Rashid Khan

The former Australian batsman shared the CSK analyst’s recommendations to play the Afghan leggie the previous evening on the team’s WhatsApp group. The batters were instructed to concentrate on Rashid‘s grip when he reached the peak of his run-up. If Rashid’s fingers are together, the googly will be the result; if they are split, expect a leg-spinner.

When Hussey appears as a guest on the Inside Edge podcast, he tells the Dhoni narrative, which doesn’t exactly conclude with him boarding a plane for Australia. “MS was excellent following the game. The information, he claimed, was excellent, but he needed time to analyse it. I believed I saw him enter with (split) fingers, but I soon forgot. I skipped watching the game. I must keep in mind to keep an eye on the ball.

Dhoni Literally Could not Read Rashid and his Action

The ball shamefully snuck in between the bat-pad opening and the stumps after MS Dhoni misunderstood a Rashid Khan googly. This occurred in 2018 during the IPL final Qualifier when CSK’s Dad Army, who were taking on SRH, were engaged in a challenging chase. Michael Hussey, the CSK batting coach, felt his heart drop as Dhoni headed for the dugout. There was to come worse. He would approach the captain, who would glare him in the eyes and growl, “I will bat my way, Thanks.” Hussey anticipated that this would be his final IPL season as the batting coach.

Dhoni learned on the pitch, to his horror, that Rashid could also bowl a split-fingers googly. Years later, the cunning Afghan with the sneaky smile would remove a very thin layer of his mystifying work and reveal to the world that occasionally, as he approaches the crease and passes the umpire, he switches his grip. The lemon had been sold to Hussey, Dhoni, and CSK.

Five years after CSK got over Rashid’s ‘wrong ‘un’ and went on to win the Qualifier against SRH and later the final, Hussey remains the batting coach and Dhoni is on the cusp of taking IPL’s most-passionately supported and unbelievably consistent team to its 5th title. It’s a franchise that understands cricket and cricketers, CSK knowledgeable owners have patience. It’s the reason they win more than others.

Hussey would have been fired by a bad captain, and even a good one would have at least questioned him. Great captains, like Dhoni, are different in the meantime. They find the solution by looking within.

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