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Dravid’s Steely Response: India’s Focus Overrides External Favoritism Against India

India might win its first ICC trophy if they succeed after winning the Champions Trophy in 2013 under MS Dhoni‘s guidance. Team India starts every competition as a strong favourite, regardless of the format or the competition.

Ricky, Ravi, Akram Favors Australia for the WTC Final

There should only be one team considered the favorite in the World Test Championship final between India and Australia because the squad has been a dominant force in Test cricket for more than ten years, both at home and abroad. However, renowned cricketers Ricky Ponting, Wasim Akram, and Ravi Shastri have all praised Australia as the “slight favourites.

When Shastri was questioned on Sunday during his interview with Star Sports, the former India coach acknowledged that Australia are the presumptive favourite because to the absence of Jasprit Bumrah. Ponting defended his nation, saying that Australian players will enter the match with a fresh perspective opposed to their Indian opponents who will be a little worn out following the IPL 2023 season. Akram selected Australia as well.

Head Coach Rahul Dravid Responded

Rahul Dravid, the head coach of India, responded to the topic in a sensational manner when he spoke to the media on Monday in London. “Over the next five days, whatever transpires, will transpire. It doesn’t matter what occurs before that or what is stated before or after. Who is the favourites, who is not? These two teams are both strong. Good players are on both teams. I firmly believe we can win this match if we play solid cricket, manage to claim 20 wickets, and score runs. It’s perhaps a good thing not to have hype,” he remarked.

After winning the Champions Trophy in 2013 under MS Dhoni’s leadership, a victory might represent India’s first-ever ICC trophy win. India will be making its second effort to win the WTC championship after failing in the first season when they were defeated by New Zealand in the championship game in 2021,



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    Dravid should take out the test Squad from IPL and keep focus on longer version of cricket

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