Ex-Selector Favors India’s Bharat/Kishan as WTC Final Wicket Keeper

Sarandeep Singh, a former India selector, thinks it was simple to select KS Bharat over Ishan Kishan as the wicketkeeper for the World Test Championship match against Australia. Kishan, who hasn’t played in a Test match, may provide the x-factor if Rishabh Pant were injured, but Sarandeep believes that Bharat should be the starting wicketkeeper.

Bharat is the Best Candidate as a Wicket Keeper

Bharat was the best candidate for the role, in Sarandeep’s opinion, because of his outstanding performance in the home Test match against Australia. Bharat deserves the chance to demonstrate his abilities because he has been on the cricket scene for a while. Starting on June 7, the London Oval will host the World Test Championship final.

Kishan has Time to Come as Wicket Keeper in Test Cricket

Even though Kishan has talent, Sarandeep thinks his time will come. As a limited-overs cricket player, Kishan has proven his skills as an opener. The dynamics of Test cricket, particularly at position six, are different from those of the lesser formats. Sarandeep makes the observation that Kishan’s aggressive style from the first ball would not work as well in England. Bharat, on the other hand, has both batting ability and shot-playing ability, making him a more viable candidate for the post, in Sarandeep’s opinion.

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