Fresh Update: World Cup 2023 Schedule Announced That to be Held in India

Here is the complete ICC Men’s ODI World Cup match schedule, including venue, date, and times. The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Tuesday that India will play Pakistan in the 2023 men’s ODI World Cup at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 15.

England and New Zealand Will Open the Worldcup

The tournament’s opening match, between England and New Zealand, which competed in the dramatic tied final in 2019, will also be held in Ahmedabad on October 5. They had previously fought in the 1996 World Cup opening, which was also played in Ahmedabad. Three days later, in Chennai, India is scheduled to play its opening match against Australia.

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Schedule for the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup

England vs New Zealand October 5 Ahmedabad
Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 October 6 Hyderabad
Bangladesh vs Afghanistan October 7 Dharamsala
South Africa vs Qualifier 2 October 7 Delhi
India vs Australia October 8 Chennai
New Zealand vs Qualifier 1 October 9 Hyderabad
England vs Bangladesh October 10 Dharamsala
India vs Afghanistan October 11 Delhi
Pakistan vs Qualifier 2 October 12 Hyderabad
Australia vs South Africa October 13 Lucknow
England vs Afghanistan October 14 Delhi
New Zealand vs Bangladesh October 14 Chennai
India vs Pakistan October 15 Ahmedabad
Australia vs Qualifier 2 October 16 Lucknow
South Africa vs Qualifier 1 October 17 Dharamsala
New Zealand vs Afghanistan October 18 Chennai
India vs Bangladesh October 19 Pune
Australia vs Pakistan October 20 Bengaluru
England vs South Africa October 21 Mumbai
Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 October 21 Lucknow
India vs New Zealand October 22 Dharamsala
Pakistan vs Afghanistan October 23 Chennai
South Africa vs Bangladesh October 24 Mumbai
Australia vs Qualifier 1 October 25 Delhi
England vs Qualifier 2 October 26 Bengaluru
Pakistan vs South Africa October 27 Chennai
Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh October 28 Kolkata
Australia vs New Zealand October 28 Dharamsala
India vs England October 29 Lucknow
Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2 October 30 Pune
Pakistan vs Bangladesh October 31 Kolkata
New Zealand vs South Africa November 1 Pune
India vs Qualifier 2 November 2 Mumbai
Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan November 3 Lucknow
England vs Australia November 4 Ahmedabad
New Zealand vs Pakistan November 4 Bengaluru
India vs South Africa November 5 Kolkata
Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2 November 6 Delhi
Australia vs Afghanistan November 7 Mumbai
England vs Qualifier 1 November 8 Pune
New Zealand vs Qualifier 2 November 9 Bengaluru
South Africa vs Afghanistan November 10 Ahmedabad
India vs Qualifier 1 November 11 Bengaluru
England vs Pakistan November 12 Kolkata
Australia vs Bangladesh November 12 Pune
Semifinal 1 November 15 Mumbai
Semifinal 2 November 16 Kolkata
Final November 19 Ahmedabad

Watch the Video of Schedule Announcement

Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and India (host) directly qualified for the Tournament. Video of the Schedule Announcement is here and fans are already excited for their favorite team.

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