Gill vs. Kohli: An Ex-Player’s Unexpected View of Their Series Performance

As Shubman Gill‘s stocks soar, comparisons with greats like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli have become common. Gill is in form of his life and scoring in every corner in all the format. WTC Final is already about to begin and Gill has the prominent place to fill in Indian Side.

Gill the Next Big Thing in Indian Cricket

Shubman Gill is widely regarded as the ‘next big thing’ in Indian cricket, and in recent months, his stock price has skyrocketed. The opening batter has produced performances in every format that many others half his age can only dream of. Naturally, the batter has been compared to legends like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar.

Kohli was Out of Shape in 2014 in England

During a conversation on the subject, former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif asserted that drawing comparisons between Kohli and Gill would be unfair because the latter still has some “weaknesses.” Additionally, Sachin was an extremely organized batter. If I contrast Virat with Sachin, the latter still has certain flaws. He travelled to England in 2014 out of shape. Outside the off stump, James Anderson constantly bothered him, and he had no solutions. He completely failed in that series.

Tendulkar and Gill Have the Same Style

“In my opinion, Gill’s style is comparable to Tendulkar’s. At this stage, it is exceedingly challenging to free him. There doesn’t appear to be a flaw in his play. Both Virat and Sachin are legendary. I have experience with both, but Kohli has flaws. When it comes to technique and mental toughness, Gill is on the way to becoming a great like Sachin, Kaif continued.

As a result, Kaif believes that since both players have a similar approach, comparisons between Gill and Tendulkar are more appropriate.

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  1. Virat kohli is always at the top when it comes to his playing ..and his skills of playing he just slay it

  2. Just by reading at the articles .it feel so good to know about our favourite cricketer of how he grows to success.