Donald Bradman: Highest batting average of all time

Highest batting average holder

Greatest Living Australian – Ex PM John Howard

Cricket has advanced in terms of formats and standards. Each year, we witness a few record-breaking matches, in which champions prove their dominance among others. Almost, every prodigious player wishes to achieve an imperishable breakthrough before his retirement. However, new players fill their gaps and continue to set higher benchmarks. However, there are a few champs, who are exceptional. No one can compete with them even after decades. The world has to wait for centuries to get another everlasting star. From such players, Sir Donald Bradman takes the lead with a highest batting average of all time.

An Everlasting Career of Highest batting Average record Holder

Sir Donald Bradman was the Australian team player. He is an iconic sportsman and an unparalleled batsman of all time. He started his everlasting career in cricket on 30 November 1928, when he was just 20 years old. During that time, cricket was just played in test format. He played 52 international test matches in which he executed outstanding performances with a highest batting average of 99.94.

When we look at his first-class statistics, he played 234 matches in total with a batting average of 95.14. His total runs in international test matches are 6,996 and in first class, cricket is 28,067. These stats show his dedicated and focused mindset throughout his career. He played his last match against England on 18 August 1948.

Sir Donald Bradman holds highest batting average record
Donald Bradman

Achievements after an unbeatable highest batting average

Even after making the highest batting average of all time, a man with a mission never stopped. He flawlessly fulfilled his responsibilities as an administrator, selector, and writer for about 3 decades following his retirement. Even during his declining years, his opinions were highly admired. Prime Minister John Howard called him the “Greatest Living Australian”, almost after 50 years of his retirement.

Statue of highest batting average record maker
Donald Bradman museum

Undoubtedly, Persistence is the key to achieving the impossible. Now, more than 70 years have passed since his retirement. Many finest batsmen have shown their talent, set groundbreaking records, and achieved massive milestones.

Highest batting average record holder
Sir Donald bradman in the stadium

But no one has delivered such consistency in this game to beat the highest batting average of this legend. Sir Donald Bradman left this mortal world on 25 February 2001 at the age of 92. But his name became eternal.

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