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In the SA20 event, captains can choose squads following the coin toss

For the 1st time in a premier T20 league, captains can choose their playing XIs after the coin flip. The administrators of the opening SA20 league in Cape Town announced this potentially historic change, among a few others, to “increase the standard of the game” while “maintaining the integrity” of the game. Captains will choose 13 players preceding the coin toss and will be able to select the final eleven after the toss. The two left out players will serve as substitute players.

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Another noteworthy modification to their playing circumstances is that no overthrow runs will be awarded if an “intentional” run-out attempt results in the ball bouncing off the stumps. The administrators stated that this was done to promote “dynamic and proactive fielding.” Every match will also have an extra point up for grabs. One other adjustment is that no run will be awarded if a “free-hit” delivery strikes the batsman’s wicket. Among all these adjustments, the choose-after-toss principle will feature prominently. Never has a reputable T20 league altered one of cricket’s core laws. However, in recent years, leagues have not steered away from trying out new ways to play the T20 tournament.

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