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Ben Stokes Advises Batters to Craft Your Unique Strategy Against Bumrah

England captain Ben Stokes says there isn’t a set plan for how to face Jasprit Bumrah.

The Indian fast bowler has taken 15 wickets in the first two Tests, using his wide range of skills to test the other team on grounds that are usually good for fast bowlers. The worst thing for England is that Joe Root has had a hard time with Bumrah and his reverse swing. Root is England’s best player in these conditions and now has the most runs scored against India in Test cricket.

Stokes on Bumrah Challenge

As the third Test in Rajkot approaches, Stokes told his hitters that they need to find their ways to beat the No.1 Test bowler and score runs against him, just like they have done so far against the Indian spinners in the series.

“Not really,” Stokes said when asked if there were any plans for India’s strike bowler. Jamsprit Bumrah is an amazing bowler. His performance in the two games was very good, as he has shown for a long time. It seems like everyone has their way of dealing with Bumrah, but we need to score runs off of him too, so that’s what we’ll do. If that doesn’t work, you have to credit the bowler, and Jasprit has been great in the first two games.

“There is no cohesive way for the team to play any of the bowlers.” “But we’ll try to keep the focus on us, as we always do.”

Stokes on Bumrah Challenge

Stokes Reflects on 100 Tests

Ben Stokes’ 100th Test will include scoring against Bumrah. The Barmy Army will give the 32-year-old a lot of attention and presentations, but Stokes wants to get to work on scoring runs against Bumrah and going 2-1 up in the series.

“I’m looking forward to getting the presentation done and dusted, then everything can be on the cricket,” said Stokes. “I’m delighted to have played in 100 Tests, which is a lot of warm-ups. One more game, hopefully many more.

Great and bad moments have been had in an England shirt. That’s professional sports’ appeal. I’ve been able to make sure every day is a learning day, whether it be good or bad. Later, when I’m older and possibly not playing, I’ll have more time to think about my career.”

Stokes Reflects on 100 Tests

His favorite Test match? I measure performances by game outcome, but there have been a few. Cape Town in 2019 (2020) is a frontrunner. On day five, I played well as an all-rounder in the final hour. I caught, scored, and bowled, and we won. He said he judges his performance by whether it helps us win the game.

Ben Stokes Acknowledges England’s Dedicated

“No matter where we go in the world, we have amazing fans.” Thanks a lot for everything. Because we’re thankful for the people who watch and support us, you can feel that. Even when things were bad. So you have a way to compare that to something else.

Both teams have played good cricket, so Stokes thinks that the score of 1-1 is a “fair reflection” of how they have played. He also believes that they will win 2-1 if they play as well as they can.

“Some people might say it’s too hot. Based on how the first two games have been played, 1-1 is a pretty good score. This game and everything that comes after it are the most important things. We’ll have a good chance of winning if we play as well as we can. We won’t have to worry about the results if we play good cricket.

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