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Kuldeep Yadav Finds Joy in Bazball: Mastering the Art of Restricting Runs

Kuldeep Yadav, India’s left-arm wrist-spinner, said that he liked England’s Bazball strategy when he first saw it in action in Visakhapatnam because it made wicket-taking more likely and made bowlers think about how to limit hitters in Test cricket.

“Usually in Tests, you’re not used to teams attacking you with this kind of approach [Bazball], but it also involves you a lot more,” Kuldeep remarked before the February 15 Rajkot third Test against England. As a spinner, it helps you focus on your bowling style and strategy.

“In Tests, you focus on getting batters out, not on them attacking you. However, they’re assaulting, so you must plan to limit them. You can take numerous wickets when they play shots. Quite intriguing. The last game was my first against Bazball; I enjoyed it, it’s wonderful for cricket.”

Kuldeep Yadav’s Impactful Return to the XI

The Visakhapatnam Test was Kuldeep’s ninth Test since his March 2017 debut. He had his first in 15 months. Kuldeep claimed three of his four wickets in the first innings to give India a 143-run advantage and even the five-Test series 1-1.

“It’s been good,” Kuldeep smiled when asked about his Test cricket debut. The Tests I’ve played have gone nicely. My stats show three five-fors, so it feels good. Very happy.”

If Rajkot’s surfaces are like the first two Tests, Kuldeep may stay in the XI even if Ravindra Jadeja returns. In Visakhapatnam, Kuldeep outperformed Axar Patel due to his accuracy and bounce.

Kuldeep Yadav’s Impactful Return to the XI

Position Perspective

He replied, “Am not sure of my position,” when questioned about playing in Rajkot. “I’ll be thrilled if given the chance. I don’t worry about playing. I enjoy my day and work hard. Combination counts in team games. Easy as that.”

No reminders were needed of Kuldeep’s 2018 five-for against West Indies in Rajkot.

He replied, “It’ll be a batting wicket,” about the Test pitch against England. It doesn’t guarantee 700-800 runs. The wicket will be decent. A living pitch, not a rank turner, will be good for cricket.”

“I haven’t played on rank turners, I don’t know what the approach or thought is, it’s a team management decision,” Kuldeep. All want to watch good cricket. I adore flat wickets and rank turners, but I am not sure if I’ll get an opportunity. I value batting as well as spin bowling. The game includes fast bowling. Good for cricket. Maybe you’ll see rank turners, but not exclusively [laughs].”

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