IPL race to playoffs is not end yet for all the teams in IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League(IPL) is renowned for being unpredictable, and this season has been no exception. All ten teams are still in the running for the playoffs, and any team can win. As of now one team is in the verge of qualifying and other two are in the strong position and remaining all the 7 teams have their chances in their own way.

 IPL 2023 – GT are almost in

GT is currently one of the top four teams and is almost certain to qualify for the play-offs. They are comfortably positioned in the top four because the lowest place they could finish is third, which is an extremely unlikely scenario.

CSK is also in their certainty

Second in the points standings, CSK is the clear favorite to advance to the playoffs. If everything works out for them, they have a greater than 80% chance.

MI is also in the line

In recent past MI has jumped high to third position of points table. MI is another favorite team to clinched the play off. Another four matches and they need to keep the momentum. They have 70+ chances entering in the play offs.

LSG is also in the race

Currently LSG is in 4th position in the points table. LSG also have nearly 50-50 chances in qualifying the playoffs. From here on net run rate gonna play vital role and LSG has good run rate among the teams in the lower side.

Even RR is not left on eyeing

5th in the position RR also has here and there chances to make into the play offs. A little bit better than one in three is placing in the top four on the points table. 36.6%, which once more takes into account a situation in which two or more teams are tied for the fourth place.

KKR also in a hope to qualify in the playoffs of IPL 2023

KKR is in the 6th position of points table and hope and the believe is still on. They have slightly better odds than RR, at 37.2%, of finishing in the fourth spot in terms of points, either individually or collectively.

RCB don’t want to drop from the line

Well! RCB also don’t want to give up easily. 7th in the points table RCB have find them self. Although difficult, RCB’s chances of making the top four are not impossible. A calculation shows that RCB can advance to the play-offs by nearly 35% of the time.

PBKS dreaming big and better

PBKS is ranked 8th in the points table. Additionally, PBKS has slightly higher than a one in three chance of placing in the top four. Although they are ranked below RCB in the points table, PBKS has a 36% better chance than RCB to place in the top four.

SRH can’t let go things easily

Rank nine less than one in four times are likely for SRH to place in the top four and advance to the playoffs. The tournament is so open and wide that you can anticipate a complete roller coaster in the points table and any team can advance despite SRH’s low (20+)%.

IPL 2023 – DC can still make it to playoffs

Spending the majority of the competition stuck at the bottom or close to it. DC can still win the game and reach the playoffs, but that scenario is only 20% likely given the circumstances of the game.

Finger is crossed for all the team and let us see who are those teams that can end up in top four to play playoffs.

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