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Rescheduling Shock: IPL Final Match Shifted, Reserved Day Drama Grips Fans

The IPL 2023 championship game had to be postponed to the reserve day (Monday, May 29, 2023) due to the persistent rain and thunderstorms in Ahmedabad. For the first time ever, an IPL final between CSK and GT was shifted to a reserve day.

Even the toss could not be held on the IPL final

Even the toss could not be held on the final’s originally scheduled day due to the intense rain. Now, if the weather permits, the game will be played in its whole on the reserve day. The weather prevented even a curtailed game from taking place, thus the match officials didn’t declare it over until 23:00 Local Time. There were rules in place that allowed for a shortened game if the weather permitted it, and there were small intervals when the rain let up so the umpires could go have a look.

Outfield’s Conditions and the Drainage System

Even though match official were happy with the outfield’s conditions and the drainage system at that point. Still final could not move further. More rain made it impossible to take any additional action and thus final needed to call of the scheduled date eventually. Thus the final shifted to its reserved day. In 2014, Qualifier 1 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings was the last playoff game to be played on the reserve day.

Reserved Day Rescheduled Timing of IPL Final

On the backup day, the rescheduled game will start at 19:30 Local Time. identical settings and ambiance both times. All cricket fans are wishing and praying that the weather won’t interfere with the championship final. After battling for eight weeks, hope we get to watch the fascinating match between the top two teams. Everyone is hoping for a favorable outcome.

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