Ishant Sharma’s Reflection on Virat Kohli: From Party Animal to Top Performer

Since the beginning of their careers in cricket, Ishant Sharma and Virat Kohli have been close friends. They have played for Delhi and India together since they were under-17 years old. The speedster recently discussed the Indian cricket superstar. In the beginning of his career, Kohli was known for his wild parties.

Ishant Sharma on Virat Kohli

I’ve witnessed all of his phases. He has had a significant transition in his profession, going from party animal to tattoo enthusiast and top performer. He enjoyed going out, and while competing in a tournament in Kolkata, he spent the entire night out, scoring 250 the following day. Ishant Sharma stated, “We were playing for Delhi in U-19 cricket, and he was undefeated the day before.

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Virat Kohli is on Vacation

While on vacation with his family, Virat will play in the two Test matches against the West Indies. He plays for the ODI team as well. The last time Kohli faced Australia was in the Oval‘s World Test Championship final.

Watch the Video of Ishant Sharma Talking About Virat Kohli

Ishant Had a blast chatting about his connection with Virat Kohli on The Ranveer Show, as he discussed their early days together when they were just 17 days old. They both played for India and under the age of 19. Ishant mentioned the passing of Virat’s father. In the video is the entire interview.

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