Legal Conflict Continues: Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife Receives Scolding from Justice Harish Kumar

Shikhar Dhawan‘s ex-wife Aesha Mukerji received a scolding from Justice Harish Kumar of the Patiala House Courts for opposing to returning the child to India.

Sikhar and His Wife Conflict Continues

The left-handed India opener Shikhar wed Ayesha in 2014; she was already a mother to two daughters. The pair welcomed a boy. The couple’s eight-year marriage came to an end in 2021 when they divorced. Ayesha, an Australian citizen, moved permanently to Australia after divorcing Dhawan.

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Dhawan Wants Son Zoravar to See in the Family Function

Dhawan and his ex-wife have been engaged in court conflict over custody of their kid since 2021. Since 2020, Zoravar, now nine years old, hasn’t seen his father. The older Indian player, who has a tight relationship with his son, will feel very relieved by the Patiala House Court’s decision. In order for Dhawan and his family to meet their ward, the court has ordered Ayesha to either bring their son Zoravar to India by June 28 or send the child there with a dependable guardian.

Ayesha’s second spouse was Dhawan. She has two daughters from her first marriage, and she now resides in Australia with all three of her children.

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  1. The love of the father to the son They should settled this case already 2021 is a king time already