Mankading – Legal or Illegal?


Mankading is a method of dismissing a batsman. The bowler runs out the non-striker before delivering the ball. Vinoo Mankad is the first to dismiss the non-strikers 2 times during a match against Australia in 1947. This name, Mankading came after this champ. Some consider it controversial because it goes against the spirit of cricket.

Vinod Mankad
Vinod Mankad

A Sport of Spirit & Understanding

Cricket is a sport that is built on mutual respect and understanding between the two teams. The spirit of cricket also encourages the players to respect the rules and the umpires’ decisions. The act of Mankading goes against this spirit as it is seen as unsportsmanlike behavior. Many believe that a bowler should not be able to run out a non-striker before delivering the ball. They consider it cheating.

Butler mankaded by butler
Jos Butler Mankaded by Ashwin

Mankading according to the principle of the doubt

In cricket, there are many situations where the umpire has to decide based on limited information. Therefore, the umpire may doubt any decision. But, there is a principle of “benefit of the doubt”. This principle means that the umpire should always give the benefit of the doubt to the batsman. But in the case of Mankading, the bowler is taking advantage of the non-striker’s mistake. Hence it goes against the principle of the benefit of the doubt.

Deepti Mankading
Deepti Sharma Mankading

Mankading is legal in ICC laws

On the other hand, some argue that non-strikers should be held responsible for their actions. According to the laws of cricket, the non-striker should not leave the crease. Until the bowler has entered into his delivery stride. If the non-striker is consistently leaving the crease early. He should be aware of the risk of being run out.

Gavaskar favor mankading
Gavaskar Comes out in Favour of Mankading

Additionally, the Law 42.15 of ICC Cricket playing conditions allows the bowler to run out the non-striker. he can do it before entering into the delivery stride. So, they have a right to argue that Mankading is a legal method of dismissal.

Mankading maintains the Balance of the game

Mankading can also be seen as a way to maintain the balance between the two teams. In cricket, the non-striker has an advantage. As he can run more easily while the bowler is in his delivery stride. It can be seen as a way to maintain the balance. It penalize the non-striker for taking advantage of the bowler’s position.

In recent years, there have been several high-profile instances of Mankading in international cricket. However, some players and teams facing criticism for their actions. But, at the same time, there have also been instances where the non-striker has been warned multiple times.


In conclusion, Mankading is a method of dismissal that is allowed under the laws of cricket. But it is viewed as unsportsmanlike behavior by many cricketers and fans. It is a controversial topic and opinions on it may vary. However, it is essential to remember that the bowler’s responsibility is to enforce the rules of the game. While, the non-striker should be aware of the risks of leaving the crease early. Ultimately, the spirit of cricket is to play the game fairly and soundly.

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