MI vs RCB 54th Match Highlight: Surya Kumar Yadav flashiness as MI thrash RCB by 6 wickets | IPL 2023

MI vs RCB 54th Match Highlight

Watch This Awesome RCB vs MI match highlight. There will be more qualifiers used after the game’s post-mortem. Simply enough, RCB never showed up with the ball. They were deemed unworthy. Kishan set the tone and got MI off to a great start. Kishan and Rohit were both picked up in the same over after Hasaranga applied the brakes. Following that, Nehal and SKY shook hands.


After that, clinical destruction started. Everybody visited the dry cleaners. Nobody was untouched. Nehal made a forceful entrance. However, once SKY began, everyone took a back seat and simply enjoyed some incredible displays of batting. The RCB bowlers’ subpar, errant bowling contributed a little bit to aid MI. Faf and Maxi had already contributed with strong knocks to get RCB 199 off the ground.

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