Mohammed Shami Again Accused of Engaging in Unlawful Relationships and Prostitution, Claims Ex-Wife

The divorced wife of senior Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami, Hasin Jahan, has filed a case with the Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the Calcutta High Court that halted her husband’s detention.

Dowry Allegation on Shami

In 2020, Hasin Jahan filed a lawsuit against Shami and his family, charging them with sexual assault and domestic abuse. Jahan, who separated from her famous husband and has been residing in Kolkata with their daughter, has also charged the bowler with requiring dowry. Jahan said that Mohammed Shami continues to engage in sexual intercourse with other women within hotel rooms nowadays. When she chose to speak out against this, Mohammed Shami and his family members attacked her.

Unlawful Relationship Allegation on Shami

Jahan claims that Shami had been in and is still engaging in unlawful relationships with other women in hotel rooms in her latest attack on the cricketer. She continued by claiming that the player still engages in prostitution in hotels that the BCCI had reserved. Jahan alleged that the cricketer’s family members beat her when she raised her voice. “When the Petitioner raised her voice against it, she was assaulted and harassed by her husband and his family, who also constantly demanded dowry from her,” the petition’s counsel alleged in the Supreme Court submission.

Match- Fixing Allegation on Shami

Jahan had already charged the player with match-fixing and lying about his age. The cricketer, according to her, had two different age certificates and had his age certificate changed so he could represent India, she alleged. While the BCCI investigation cleared the player of any match-fixing charges.

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