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MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja Definitely not so well between them, IPL 2023

On Sunday, Jadeja shared a tweet with the words “Karma will get back at you, sooner or later,” which added to the speculation of rift between MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja. Both the team mates were seen a long discussion while returning to the dugout and MS was the one who was going charge on Jadeja. Fans things it might be because of Jadeja’s poor performance in that match where he got smashed for 50 in his four over spell.

MS Dhoni’s CSK Qualified for the Playoffs

Despite the decisive victory they had at the Arun Jaitley Stadium on Saturday, which was enough to guarantee them a spot in the top two, much alone a spot in the playoffs, a scene from their match against the Delhi Capitals worried Chennai Super Kings supporters. Ravindra Jadeja and CSK captain MS Dhoni were overheard arguing, and the all-around player did not appear to be having a good time. It went on for a while as the two returned to the changing room.

Rift Between MS Dhoni and Jadeja is not yet Public


What was argued over has not yet been made public. However, when the CSK players were celebrating one another on their 77-run victory soon after the game, it was just Dhoni who was talking, somewhat furiously, to Jadeja. The majority of them believed it was because of Jadeja’s poor performance, in which he let up 50 runs in four overs for only one wicket while other bowlers gave up just roughly 6 runs per over. Others thought that the two CSK stars were divided.

It’s a Guessing Game for the Fans

The guessing game became more complicated on Sunday when Jadeja shared a statement on Twitter that said, “Karma will get back at you, sooner or later it surely will.” The athlete posted it on social media with the remark “Definitely” and a thumbs-up emoticon.

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