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Bowling tricks: A scourge for the batsman

Avoiding negative bowling trick

What is Negative Bowling Trick?

These type of bowling tricks are used by bowlers to deceive the batsman. It refer to the perpetual delivery of balls towards the leg side of the batsman. Thereby rendering it difficult for the batsman to secure runs. It is a tactic through use of which the bowlers try to prevent the batsman from gaining a shot and making runs.

How does this Negative Bowling Tricks work?

The primary reason underlies the objective of the bowlers. Who do not wish for the batsman to secure runs. Hence, bowlers resort to this specialized bowling trick, thereby securing an undue advantage for the fielding team. This tactic relies on the belief that even the best of the batsman cannot secure a good amount of runs. If the balls are delivered towards their leg side.

Negative Bowling Tricks
Negative bowling to the batsman

Disadvantages of Negative Bowling

Apart from getting penalized for resorting to such negative bowling tricks. The bowlers also risk getting noticed by the batsman. Who may, after observing the bowling pattern / negative tactic, switch to other forms of playing. Hence, making the match less interesting for the spectators and foiling the plans of the bowler. As a result, not only will the match get boring, but the participants frustrate too.

Wicket by negative Bowling Tricks
Bowler after taking a wicket

Avoiding these Bowling Tricks

Apart from being a tactic for preventing the batsman from making more runs. This also tends to have significant psychological effects in the form of annoyance, frustration, and anger. Therefore, if not regulated properly, by the batsman. It might culminate into a disadvantage for him, in the form of dismissal from batting. So, it becomes essential for the batsman to take special care. If he don’t want to get provoked by this deceitful attempt. Although it’s been an intelligent tactic but, it can’t stop some world-class batsman like Donald Bradman.

However, it is important to note that the bowlers do not remain at complete liberty. Rather they operate under the strict scrutiny of the umpires. Who can penalize the bowlers for indulging in negative tactics like these. Although, resorting to bowling tricks like these becomes particularly difficult during the ODIs and T20 matches. As the rules tend to be far stricter than those of the test matches.

Taking a Wicket by Bowling tricks
Fielders celebrating victory in a test match


Consequently, negative balling can be considered as an ill tactic in cricket. It is laced with malafide intention of securing a certain advantage for the fielding team. But the same can have severe repercussions for the bowlers as well. However, it should not be resorted to. These kind of bowling tricks does not seem to be a good practice at all.

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