New Rules in IPL 2023: What Cricket Fans Can Expect

New Rules in IPL 2023

As the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) commences, cricket enthusiasts can expect several modifications to the game’s regulations. Organizers have tweaked some rules involving team compositions and playing conditions to shake things up and keep cricket fans on the edge of their seats. Here’s a closer look at the New Rules in IPL 2023:

Impact Player: A Game-Changing Move

This year’s IPL will introduce a strategy borrowed from team sports such as basketball and football, allowing teams to substitute a player in the playing 11. Organizers have named this new rule the “impact player,” and it has the potential to alter the game’s direction. The teams will have five substitutes to choose from, all of whom must be Indian. Teams can make the substitution before the start of an inning, at the end of an over, or when a wicket falls.

Wide and No-ball Reviews: A Game-Changer for Umpires

The Decision Review System (DRS) will allow players to review wide and no-ball decisions made by umpires, expanding the use of DRS beyond batter’s dismissals and enabling team captains to scrutinize these decisions with limited reviews.

Playing 11: Decisions Based on Coin Toss

In the new IPL format, team captains will have the option to select between two teams depending on the outcome of the coin toss and their decision to bat or bowl first. Unlike the existing format, where both captains submit their team sheets before the toss and cannot modify them, this new format permits teams to declare their preferred playing 11, based on their strategy for batting or bowling first and the combination that best suits them.

Penalty for Unfair Movement by Wicketkeeper

As batters evolve their range of improvised shots in the T20 format, wicketkeepers adjust their position before delivering the ball. However, in the new IPL regulations, if wicketkeepers alter their position in anticipation, their team may face penalties such as a wide, no-ball, or dead ball, as declared by the on-field umpire.

New Rules in IPL 2023
A new rule has been implemented, disallowing wicketkeepers from altering their position before the delivery of the ball.

New Batter Takes the Strike

In high-scoring T20 matches with power hitters, batters who are at risk of being caught out can choose the next player to take the strike by either crossing over to the non-striker’s end or remaining in their crease. Despite the previous allowance, incoming batters will always take the strike, regardless of the location of the dismissed batter on the pitch.


These New Rules in IPL 2023 promise to add excitement and intrigue to the game, keeping fans engaged throughout the tournament.

The impact player and wide and no-ball reviews are sure to change the game, as they empower team captains to utilize the Decision Review System (DRS) for scrutinizing decisions related to wides and no-balls. Meanwhile, The playing 11 and wicketkeeper penalty maintain fairness and competitiveness. With the new-look IPL, cricket fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead.

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