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Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 – The Night the Streak Broke

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan shaking hands with the Indian team after winning the WT20 2021 group match

Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 – a match that had millions eagerly waiting for. It’s a shame there are no bilateral series between the sides now, and we only see the arch-rivals up against each other in ICC events. Nevertheless, whenever these two teams come up against each other, the excitement, thrill, and suspense are always there.

We saw Sachin Tendulkar smashing Pakistani ace pacers to all parts in the 2003 World Cup, and Pakistan dismantling the Indian batting lineup in the 2017 Champions Trophy Final.

Moreover, everyone remembers Shahid Afridi hitting two consecutive sixes off Ravi Ashwin with one wicket remaining to win the match for Pakistan. On the other hand, Kohli single-handedly defeated Pakistan making 183* in the 2012 Asia Cup.

There are so many events that have happened whenever Pakistan and India played. But unfortunately, I can’t write all of them here. This will be a breakdown of Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 match. The night India’s winning streak against Pakistan in ICC World Cups broke.

Pakistan vs India - Throughout the Years in World Cup

Virat Kohli shaking hands with Imad Wasim
Virat Kohli shaking hands with Imad Wasim (Credits: ICC)

Both respective countries have been World Champions at least once, with Pakistan winning it in 1992 and India being at the top of the world in 1983 and 2011. Besides, it was an embarrassing fact that up till 2021, Pakistan had never beaten India in a World Cup match. Played 11, and lost 11. Six times in the 50-over World Cup and five times in the WT20s.

As for the ODI World Cups, Pakistan lost to India in 1992, 1996, 2003, 2011,2015, and 2019. At the same time, they were on the losing side in the 2007 (Group stage and Final), 2012, 2014, and 2016 editions of the World T20.

As expected, there had been a lot of trolling and mocking. Pakistan has been suffering from this since 1992 when they first lost a World Cup match against the Blues. However, there had to be a day when the Indian winning streak had to break, and the day sure came.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was right when he said, “They (Pakistan) will beat us someday. We are not going to remain unbeaten forever against them in the World Cup.” after their 2016 WT20 match victory over Pakistan

End of the World Cup Curse - Pakistan vs India WT20 2021

Babar Azam and Virat Kohli after the toss in their 2021 WT20 match
Babar Azam and Virat Kohli after the toss in WT20 2021 (Credits: ICC)

The journey began with Misbah-ul-Haq failing to make 1 off 2 and all three targets being missed in the bowl-out by the Pakistani bowlers.

Afterward, “In the air, Sreesanth takes it!” happened. Again, it was Misbah who played that infamous scoop shot in the 2007 WT20 Final.

Fast forward five years and Pakistan had their batting line-up fold like a pack of cards in Colombo against India.

Came 2014, and the winning streak extended further in India’s favor.

Two years later, 200 million Pakistanis had Virat Kohli standing in their way again.

Many of us wondered if we’ll ever see Pakistan beating India in a World Cup game in our life. Eventually, it was written to happen in Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 group match. On paper? no comparison between the two teams. India was way better. But as they say, it’s a different ball game on the ground.

The Babar-Led Merciless Pakistan Team

Babar Azam leading the Pakistan team in WT20 2021
Babar Azam leading the Pakistan team in WT20 2021 (Credits: ICC)

It was Babar Azam’s first game as a captain in an ICC event and against India, and the way he led was remarkable. There was no room given to the Indian batsmen and their bowlers were hopeless. The fielders? Well, they were just watching the ball go past the boundary line again and again. It was cricket of the highest quality that one can witness.

Shaheen Shah Afridi celebrating after taking a wicket against India
Shaheen Shah Afridi celebrating after taking a wicket against India (Credits: ICC)

The top three of India bent their knees in front of a 21-year-old, whereas, the finishers were bamboozled by slower balls. It was the night of Haris Rauf’s redemption, Shaheen’s announcement at the biggest stage, Shadab’s authority against the Indian lefties, and India’s realization of what quality they’ve been missing in the IPL.

Babar, Rizwan, and Kohli after Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 match
Babar, Rizwan, and Kohli after Pak vs Ind WT20 2021 match (Credits: ICC)

Then came the conquerors – Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. If anyone had a shadow of doubt about their ability, it ended once and for all. The domination in front of a jam-packed stadium, against a world-class bowling attack was indeed surreal.

None of us imagined it would be like this. However, Babar and Rizwan had other plans. It was a win for the ages. A story to pass on to your grandchildren. A night to remember for the rest of your life.

A 10-wicket win to begin the tournament and that too against India after you have been trolled for 30 years, takes some doing. The legends couldn’t do it, the new generation did.

As Nasser Hussain Said, “Pakistan have got once-in-a-generation players”.

Australia Put a Stop to Pakistan's WT20 2021 Journey

After the Pakistan vs India WT20 2021 match, Pakistan defeated New Zealand, Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland. Australia was their opponent in the semi-final after Pakistan topped their group.

Unfortunately, Mathew Wade hit those three shocking sixes off Shaheen Afridi after Hasan Ali dropped a regulation catch. And, that was the end of the 2021 WT20 journey for Pakistan. They would then go on to play the final of WT20 2022 against England and finish as the runners-up.

The Green Caps will be looking to go one step further and bring the World Cup trophy home this year.

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