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Patidar and Sarfaraz Duel in the Limelight at India Nets

Sarfaraz Khan is difficult to overlook. Particularly crimson, he is donning red socks. Immediately, someone must travel to Sesame Street to determine whether Elmo is missing any components.

Wednesday’s India training session in Visakhapatnam appeared to be mandatory for all attendees. However, the focus remained on the newcomer to the block. Even the content creators at the BCCI continued to track him.

Sarfaraz arrived at the nets relatively late, and he spent the majority of the afternoon in the company of the individual who possesses the capability to grant him every wish. Regarding Rohit Sharma.

The talk lasts a long time and gets lively. People wave their hands and tilt their heads. There are breaks for thought and times to laugh. Other people are either hitting or bowling, but these two just sit there and talk like they’re kids on the back bench.

Batting Prowess Unveiled

Sarfaraz must exhibit his goods. Unpacking his gear, he takes out his bat. It briefly shines when the sun hits its fluorescent orange and yellow stickers. Bollywood’s hero intro isn’t superior. He averages 84.42 in first-class cricket since 2020. The shoulder tap has arrived.

Rajat Patidar worked while this happened. His first hit was against spinners. Four of his first six deliveries were sweeps. Mohammed Siraj wasn’t in the mood for showy strokeplay, so a couple of forward pushes were the odd ones out.

Batting Prowess Unveiled

India wants to avoid Hyderabad, where they waited for the spinner to bowl a nasty ball but got none. Every batter, including Kuldeep Yadav, used the broom all day. Especially Patidar. He was called up ahead of Sarfaraz, and this management believes in first-come, first-serve. Like the old administration, they revere incumbents.

Sarfaraz’s Whirlwind Display

The adjacent net has Sarfaraz. He’s forced to push forward. The ball dropped, and he was out of position. He spins his wrists. Due to his fast hands, he keeps the ball down despite being sucked in. From there, his best asset took control. Power. Pure power. Heat rising from the red leather once he hits it seems natural. Musheer, his younger brother, is enjoying the Under-19 World Cup in South Africa. The long-awaited launch this week may be one of Serendipity’s best ads. However, Patidar is complicating that choice. He is heavily favored to fill the middle-order berth.

Barely 20 minutes before all of this, Rathour was sat in a press conference saying India will trust their method of playing spin, which is to try and come down the track, or use the depth of the crease and largely present a straight bat.

Sarfaraz’s Whirlwind Display

That’s how they trained in the nets in Hyderabad. But this was different. Gill swept Axar Patel so hard that the ball burst through the nets and traveled the 20 or so yards out into the viewing area. Rohit batted only for about 10 minutes or so but that was enough for him to try a lap, a reverse, and one superbly timed, hit-in-front-of-square slog sweep.

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