PCB Draws The Line: No Matches in Ahmedabad

PCB Refuses To Play its matches in Ahmedabad

New updates are coming daily regarding the Asia Cup and World Cup Clash between PCB and BCCI. The agenda of the ICC Chairman and Chief Executive’s recent visit to Pakistan was to take assurance from PCB regarding World Cup participation. The rumors are PCB have confirmed that they will travel to India for the World Cup, regardless of Asia Cup’s hosting issues. ICC has also given surety to PCB that the 2025 Champions Trophy will take place in Pakistan no matter what, and India will also travel to Pakistan.

PCB Refuses to Play in Ahmedabad

Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

The rumors are that during ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice and ICC Chairman Greg Barclay’s recent visit to Pakistan, the PCB chairman Najam Sethi raised concerns regarding the Pakistan matches in Ahmedabad. He said Pakistan would not play matches at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad unless it’s a final or a semi-final. He further added that PCB would prefer to play its games in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Upon their return, International Cricket Council (ICC) representatives acknowledged their satisfaction with Pakistan’s security. They announced that Pakistan is safe to play cricket and that the 2025 Champions Trophy will happen in Pakistan.

When will ICC Announce the Schedule For the 2023 World Cup?

When will ICC announce schedule for the 2023 World Cup?

ICC will announce the schedule for the 2023 World Cup in India during the last day of the World Test Championship 2021-2023 Final. The ICC must be under a lot of pressure as they usually announce the schedule for marquee events at least a year before the competition. The issues between PCB and BCCI have played a massive role in the delayed announcement of the World Cup schedule. Read More: World Cup Updates.

There have been no updates regarding the Asia Cup schedule as well, which is scheduled to take place in September. It seems unlikely to happen as both PCB and BCCI stand firm on their stance. As cricket fans, we can only hope that PCB and BCCI come to a resolution and Asia Cup goes ahead as scheduled.

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