Penalties and Fines: Over Rate Offenses in World Test Championship Final by Both the Team

The Indian men’s cricket team received a 100% match fee sanction for playing with a sluggish over rate in the World Test Championship (WTC) final on Monday. Australia, the winning team, was also penalized 80% of their match money.

India and Australia Both the Team Received Fine

Australia and India each received a significant fine for adhering to a slow over-rate during the World Test Championship final, in violation of the ICC Code of Conduct. The Kangaroos won by 209 runs when the game concluded on Sunday morning at The Oval in London. Due to their slow overrate, the Indian team was penalized their entire match cost, while Australia just had to pay 80%. Even when time allowances were taken into account, Australia was judged to be four overs short while India was five overs shy of the objective. According to the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, every player who delays in bowling an over is subject to a fine equal to 20% of their match fee.

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Indian Opener Gill Also Received Fine

Shubman Gill, the top opener for India, was also fined 15% of his match fee for violating Article 2.7, which forbids making inappropriate public comments about an incident that occurs during an international game. Gill posted on social media after television umpire Richard Kettleborough ruled that Cameron Green‘s catch should have resulted in a dismissal on the fourth day of the contest.

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  1. Very unfortunate for GillHe should not be punishedAlready third umpire punished him bi giving wrong decission

  2. Article 27 is utterly nonsense to compare with Shubman actSame person twice punished by ICC in for the same match lol

  3. My question is how slow overs could possibly happen specially for big team like India nd AustraliaLack of discipline