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Rishabh Pant Shares Near-Death Experience in Car Crash

The first thing Rishabh Pant thought after his dangerous car accident on December 30, 2022, was that his “time in this world was over.” Pant, who is likely to play in IPL 2024, said that he is “lucky to have a second life” and that the most important thing he has learned from this is to always believe in himself.

That’s what he talks about in his honest interview with Star Sports, which will air on February 1 at 7 pm IST and is called Believe: To Death & Back. Pant talks about the accident, how he’s feeling, how much he loves watching the 2023 Ashes, and whether he will ever drive a car again.

“That was the first time in my life that I felt like letting go.” “I felt like my time in this world was up,” Pant said in the interview, which took place in Bengaluru on August 24, 2023, about eight months after the accident. Pant had been going from Delhi to Roorkee to see his family when he crashed his car into the middle divider on the road. “It was the first time in my life that I felt that way.” I knew about the wounds at the time of the crash, but I was lucky because things could have been much worse.

Rishabh Pant Car Crash

Rehabilitation Journey

After receiving initial treatment at a hospital in Dehradun, Pant underwent airlifting to Mumbai, where the BCCI’s specialist consultant took charge of his care. Surgeries were conducted to reconstruct all three ligaments in his right knee, followed by a rehabilitation period at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru.

Expressing his commitment to recovery, Pant mentioned, “I am focusing on recovery, cut off from the world. It helps me recover fast, especially when the injury is so serious. For recovery, you have to do the same thing every day. It’s boring, it’s irritating, it’s frustrating, but you have to do it.”

Rishabh Pant Rehabilitation Journey

Regarding plans and the duration of his recovery, Pant stated, “Till the time I start playing cricket, I don’t want to plan much for the future. I asked the doctor how long will it take for me to recover. I told him that everybody is speaking different things, but you will give me the most clarity about it. He said it would take 16 to 18 months. I told the doctor that whatever timeline you give me, I will reduce six months from it.”

Gratitude Acknowledged

Pant said that Rajat Kumar and Nishu Kumar saved his life by pulling him out of his burning SUV. Pant texted them in January that he would be “forever grateful and indebted” to them.

He described the first moments after the car accident and said that his right knee had dislocated, moving 180 degrees to the right while he was lying face down. “This person was nearby, so I asked if he could help me put the leg back in place.” He put the knee back in place.

Though he was in terrible pain, he later realized how lucky he was to not lose his leg in the accident. “There was a chance of amputation if there was any nerve damage.” That’s when I got scare.”



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