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Rohit Sharma and Team India Stick to Winning Formula for Record-breaking Success

It was over, just like many India home Tests in the past ten years. A big lead for winning was getting close, and R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were battling for the last wicket.

To date, Ashwin has taken 23 wickets that ended a Test match, one more than Shane Warne, who is in second place. However, Jadeja won this time, recording his 13th five-wicket haul as India won by a record 434 runs.

Unconventional Comeback

It was a very common ending, but India hasn’t arrived at one in quite this way very often. On the first morning, they were 33 for 3 and came back to post 445. As a response, England sped to 207 for 2 in 35 overs by the end of the second day. As the night went on, Ashwin, India’s most senior player, left Rajkot for personal reasons. For the rest of England’s innings, India had only four bowlers.

From that point until the quick end in the last few minutes of day four, when England was down to 122 runs and out, India had played some of their best cricket. Although it was a comeback win in some ways, it didn’t follow the usual pattern of a comeback, in which a team changes how it plays to counter and beat a stronger opponent.

Unconventional Comeback

India’s Winning Formula

Instead, a consistent conviction in Plan A (Rohit Sharma) carried the day when it seemed to be failing. It failed in the first Test in Hyderabad, when England won a thrilling comeback. It helped India win in Visakhapatnam, but the viewer thought it could have been different without Jasprit Bumrah’s quick bowling. After Plan A got India to where they were on day two in Rajkot, other teams may have pondered if they should attempt something else.

India did not. Like any bowling group, they made micro-level tactical modifications, but their general approach was to hammer away on a decent length and keep the stumps in play. They believed these approaches would work since their bowling group was too good.

“Test cricket isn’t played over two or three days. The five-day game is important, “India skipper Rohit Sharma stated at the post-match presentation. “Honestly, England performed brilliantly and made some great shots. We had some pressure, but our bowling squad is class.

When situations like that happen, it’s easy to lose sight of your team’s goals, so keep cool. However, I’m glad of how we returned the next day and stayed to our plan. It’s fun to watch.”Rohit Sharma

India’s Winning Formula

India’s Valuable Asset

India has been missing Virat Kohli (113 Tests) and Mohammed Shami (64) for this series, while KL Rahul (50) has only played one Test. Jadeja (70) skipped the second Test in Visakhapatnam, and Ashwin (98) bowled only 13 overs in Rajkot’s two innings.

“Two debutants and not a lot of Test matches amongst the playing XI as well,” Rohit. “Many of these guys are learning from their middle experience. How we performed in Hyderabad taught us a lot, and when we won in Vizag, we realized it would be hard to win this series, especially with a number of our frontline players absent.

India’s Valuable Asset

“Congrats to these young boys who have exhibited character. They seem to belong and wish to stay. It’s satisfying to win a Test match like that. We always discuss bench strength. Bench strength was evident today and in Vizag.”

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