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Shakib admits that Bangladesh failed to create a market for BPL

Bengali Test and T20I skipper Shakib Al Hasan opened a verbal onslaught against the organizers of Bangladesh Premiere League. The league that started in 2012 is all set for its ninth season is being criticized by the country’s premiere all-rounder. According to Shakib, the league has failed to create value for both players and viewers, and hence is unable to carve a market for itself.

He further added that in country of over 200 million people, cricket remains the most popular sport, however if the league still is unable to find local viewership, then something is fishy. He said that the league is going to start from 6th January, whereas some franchises have still not received their uniforms, which sheds light on the sad state of affairs of the league. He also drew a comparison of BPL with Dhaka Premiere League which is a 50-over domestic tournament and said that even DPL is better organized than BPL. Shakib hinted that if provided with opportunity he would do a better job in terms of resource allocation, player draft and broadcasting rights.  

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