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Asia Cup 2023 – A neutral move or a brewing dispute?

Will India play in Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan?

Pakistan is the host of the Asia cup 2023. However, BCCI states that it shall not be traveling to Pakistan for this tournament. They are suggesting a neutral location for these two teams. Recently, BCCI secretary, Mr. Jai Shah clears that the Indian Cricket team will not be traveling to Pakistan for Asia Cup. He stated that a neutral venue will be selected for the same.

Pakistan’s response to shifting of Asia cup

Pakistan is taking a strong stance against India’s decision. The hosting country is expressing its anguish at the prospect of shifting the Asia Cup 2023 at the option of BCCI. Former chief of PCB, Rasim Raza has gone so far as to propose total boycotting of the ODI World Cup 2023.

Apart from being a major loss for Pakistan, from cricket’s perspective. This shift poses a significant economic loss to Pakistan in general. Further, if things continue down the line as they are right now, the dispute is only bound to escalate. Especially with India being, the next host of the Asia Cup, at the center of this dispute.

India Pakistan dispute in Asia cup 2023
Pakistan and India flag together

Will this dispute resolve soon?

With the ongoing situation in view, it is pretty difficult to say anything so far as the dispute is concerned. However, one thing is certain the chances of getting this resolved quickly are very thin. It requires immense coordination on part of both parties to the dispute.

Asia cup 2023 issue between 2 rivals
Pakistan and India team players shaking hand
Asia cup dispute between pak-ind
A spectator showing poster in the stadium

Regardless of whatever the future hold. The current stances and approaches adopted by both parties to this dispute shed light worry on the international cricket arena. which is neither good for the parties to the dispute nor the international cricketing community as a whole. With the dispute persisting and parties showing reluctance to yield to each other. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Asia Cup 2023 and onwards.

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