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Signature Shots of Cricketers -part 1

Cricketing Shot

Cricket’s evolution never stops. Cricket did not initially use the techniques that are used today. It emerged during the process of growing from each setback. The defense strategy was implemented in order to survive on those early, unprotected fields. Thus, everything would have been experienced the first time, which has evolved into a fundamental aspect of playing cricket.

Some people have made the decision to stand out. They respectfully stopped reading the book because they preferred to go with their gut. To be effective, innovative shots require thinking beyond the box. Cricket has changed over time as a game. Currently, especially in the batting department, we see mind-blowing innovation and vitality. We have incredibly inventive cricket shots thanks to the intense competition in the game.


Cricketing Shots

Cricketing Shots


Here are 5 that have emerged recently:

1) Sachin Tendulkar (Upper Cut)

Sachin Tendulkar (Upper Cut)


Before Sachin Tendulkar created the uppercut, the offside bouncer was unquestionably a “Jaffa.” a shoulder-length ball with incredible speed and a violent swing on it. No issue. Tendulkar met the ball at its peak, angling the bat upward to send it into the stands, as opposed to playing the delivery with a flat bat. At the 2003 Cricket World Cup, his opening strike against Pakistan was pure gold!


2) Tillakaratne Dilshan – (Dilscoop)

Tillakaratne Dilshan (Dilscoop)


Inviting a batsman to play straight while the slip quadroon waited for the prey is an age-old tactic to get him out. Yet, those times when the batsmen felt uneasy in a challenging scenario are long gone. The Dilscoop was created by Tilakratne Dilshan to both avoid and succeed in the trap. A deft scoop over the keeper using the bowler’s pace and at the fine, unmanned boundary would be quite upsetting for the bowler who just bowled a great delivery! The shot created openings on the square boundary in addition to encouraging the fielding captain to have a man fine behind the leg slip.


3) M. S. Dhoni (helicopter shot)

M. S. Dhoni (helicopter shot)


This intriguing cricket photo doesn’t require a lengthy introduction. MS Dhoni, the cool captain, devised the most amazing shot that he used to knock sixes on yorker-length deliveries. As a result, when the bowler throws the yorker-length ball, the batsman extends his arms and hits his bat virtually at ground level, well over the back foot. The bat swing, however, follows the same path from beginning to end. As a result, it is called Helicopter Shot.

4) Virat Kohli (Cover Drive)

Virat Kohli (Cover Drive)


A classy cricket shot is the cover drive. A cover drive is a pitch made by a batter with his bat pointed in the direction of the cover area. In order to drive the ball through the cover area, the batsman drifts onto his front foot. With full-length and good-length deliveries, most batters like to play cover drive, especially to catch the juicy half volleys.

When the ball enters outside of the off-stump line, batters love to play the cover drive. This cover drive’s extension is a lofted cover drive. When a batter hits a lofted cover drive shot, the ball appears to soar beyond the cover fielders. The lofted cover drive is sometimes referred to as an inside-out shot on occasion. But that was such a tricky shot to pull off. Only players with exceptional talent are capable of playing these kinds of shots. Virat Kohli, Former captain of India’s test team, is an expert cover drive player. Most of his runs only occur through one specific shot.



5) AB De Villiers (Reverse scoop)

Reverse scoop (AB De Villiers)

Reverse scoop (AB De Villiers)


Even for a talent like AB De Villiers, a hard surface, a sharp bowler, and a tenacious field can stop the flow of runs. Yet at that point, he changes as a player and finds a way to score. The unusual characteristic of his is what causes the reverse scoop. The bowler is in complete shock as the ball is scooped over the in-field while changing stance at the speed of sound and being pitched on the off side.


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