Signature Shots of Cricketers -part 2

Cricketing Shots

Cricket’s evolution never stops. Cricket did not initially use the techniques that are used today. It emerged during the process of growing from each setback. The defense strategy was implemented in order to survive on those early, unprotected fields. Thus, everything would have been experienced the first time, which has evolved into a fundamental aspect of playing cricket.

Some people have made the decision to stand out. They respectfully stopped reading the book because they preferred to go with their gut. To be effective, innovative shots require thinking beyond the box. Cricket has changed over time as a game. Currently, especially in the batting department, we see mind-blowing innovation and vitality. We have incredibly inventive cricket shots thanks to the intense competition in the game.

Cricketing Shots
Cricketing Shots


Here are another 3 that have emerged recently:

6) Kevin Pietersen (Switch Hit)

Kevin Pietersen - (Switch Hit)
Kevin Pietersen – (Switch Hit)

The most sophisticated variation of the reverse sweep is the switch hit. This shot is recognized to be played exceptionally well by Kevin Peterson. Before the bowler tosses the ball, a batsman must transform from being a right-handed batter to a left-handed batsman or vice versa – to slam the ball into the boundary in a split second. Maybe one of the hardest shots in cricket, it is only performed by a select few, but its creator, KP, does it to perfection!

7) Kapil Dev – (Natraj shot)

Kapil Dev
The Natraj shot from Kapil Dev that Ranveer Singh has imitated for 83

In cricket, the Nataraja stroke is a unique posture shot in which the player is immediately observed standing in the Nataraja stance after striking the ball. Lord Shiva appears as Nataraja, a form in which he can be seen dancing the Ananda (Tandav). Kapil Dev devised this shot, which he frequently uses in public.

8) Ricky Ponting – (Hook shot)

Ricky Ponting - (Hook shot)
Ricky Ponting – (Hook shot)

Among all cricket shots, the hook shot was one of the riskiest, but the prize was also quite great. The hitter hits the ball close to its peak, on a level halfway between his head and his chest, in response to a short, high ball. As we have stated, it was one of the riskiest cricket shots. Philip Hughes, an Australian, passed away while making this hook shot.

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  1. For me Yuvi’s straight drive was always a treat to watch, with high back lift, he used to hit not only pitched up but also the good length ones for fours…… goosebumps even thinking of it