Sourav Ganguly’s top 5 performances

Ganguly is regarded as the most prolific Indian captains of all times. He was the first captain who instilled the belief in the team that they could win overseas. His legacy was carried forward by Dhoni and later on Kohli. However, Ganguly was also a stylish left-handed batter who at times was very destructive. His former team-mate Rahul Dravid once claimed that on off-side first there is God and then there is Ganguly. Moreover, his splendid record also speaks volumes of his talent and ability on the cricket field.

Let’s take a look at the top five performances of Sourav Ganguly’s legendary career.

1. 239 vs Pakistan at Bangalore in 2007

Sourav Ganguly’s sole double century deserves a spot in the top 5 list. Not only was this his highest individual score, but it was also a critical moment in the match. But, more so because it happened at the twilight of his career. In that particular game, India batted first but found themselves struggling for 61-4. Ganguly and Yuvraj then formed a partnership of over 300 runs, stabilizing the innings.

Ganguly then switched to beast mode and dismantled the Pakistani bowling attack. He faced 361 balls and smashed 30 boundaries and two enormous sixes during his marathon innings. This remarkable display is a testament to Ganguly’s outstanding skill and ability as a cricketer.

2. 183 vs Sri Lanka at Taunton in 1999

Sourav Ganguly’s highest score against a formidable Sri Lankan team during the 1999 World Cup remains one of the greatest innings of his career. He showcased his devastating potential by hitting sixes with ease, leaving the Sri Lankan bowlers in awe.

This exceptional performance featured 17 stunning boundaries and 7 massive sixes and helped India secure a comfortable victory. Ganguly’s extraordinary display of power instilled fear in the minds of opposing batsmen around the world.

Ganguly's off drive

3. 131 vs England at Lord’s in 1996

Sourav Ganguly’s debut innings in Test cricket at the prestigious Lord’s ground is undoubtedly one of the greatest debuts in history. Under immense pressure, Ganguly delivered an incredible performance that many could only dream of.

He demonstrated his ability to handle both pressure and adulation simultaneously, smashing 20 boundaries in an innings that lasted for 301 balls. This exceptional display marked the beginning of a bright future for the talented young man from Kolkata, making a bold statement to the world that a new prince had arrived.

4. 144 vs Australia at Brisbane in 2003

Sourav Ganguly’s outstanding innings in this match is undoubtedly one of the finest of his career. The game was at a critical juncture, with India in trouble having lost three wickets in just 22 balls.

Then came the savior of the innings, Ganguly, who first steadied the ship before unleashing his shots, hitting 18 magnificent boundaries. This century was full of emotion and ranks as one of the best middle-order overseas hundreds by an Indian batsman.

Ganguly playing on leg side

5. 141 vs South Africa at Nairobi in 2000

In a challenging match against a strong South African team during the semi-final of the ICC Knockout Trophy, Sourav Ganguly played a remarkable innings. He began cautiously, showing respect to the bowlers, but as he spent more time on the pitch, he unleashed his aggressive style and decimated the South African bowling attack.

Ganguly smashed 11 magnificent boundaries and 6 colossal sixes during his innings, leading India to victory on the back of his exceptional performance. This innings stands as a testament to Ganguly’s incredible talent and ability to rise to the occasion.

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