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The fastest century in IPL, T20 and ODI

Fastest century in cricket history


The best time for the cricket lover is when his favorite team is smashing boundaries and sixes all around the stadium and becomes unstoppable. These times led to groundbreaking records that becomes a huge obstacle to beat for other competitors. Fastest century in IPL 2013 was also from such exciting moments.

From the beginning of the T20 format, we have witnessed fast run chases and higher strike rates. The one who trains himself with passion, determination, and persistence stands out among all the other elite players. Perhaps, luck can be the factor sometimes. But fortune favors the brave. Without having the potential to bring an outstanding result, luck can’t do anything.

Chris Gayle’s Fastest century in IPL

From such unforgettable moments, Chris Gayle’s fastest century in IPL takes the lead. He holds the record for the fastest century in cricket history and the highest score in the T20 format. It was IPL 2013 when royal challengers Bangalore was batting against Pune Warriors India. Gayle storm blitzed the fastest hundred in just 30 balls. He stroked 8 boundaries and 11 sixes at a strike rate of 340.

During this match, Gayle presented his muscular version throughout the game. He never slowed down even after his fastest century. Through his heavy strokes, he reached the 175 scores in just 66 balls with the help of 17 sixes and 13 fours. His overall strike rate was 266 in this match. Gayle’s undisputed performance has given a tremendous Victory to Royal Challengers Bangalore with a massive lead of 130 runs.

Chris gayle's fastest century in IPL
Chris Gayle celebrating his century

Other Fastest Century Records

Previously, Yusuf Pathan has made fastest century in IPL 2008. It was when Mumbai Indians has given a heavy target of 213 runs to Rajasthan Royals. While RR was reduced to 37-3 after 7 overs. At this crucial stage, Yusuf Pathan has rained down sixes and boundaries and smashed a century in just 37 balls. But unfortunately, RR never won this match due to Yusuf’s quick dismissal after the century. However, RR managed to reach 208-7 in their 20 overs and lost by just 4 runs.

Fastest century in IPL of Yusuf pathan
Yusuf Pathan after scoring a ton

After fastest century in IPL, let ‘s talk about a T20 match. In this format, the record was made after Mushfiqur Rahim drops the catch of David Miller when he was at duck and gave him a chance to present his most outstanding performance in cricket history. He made a fastest century in T20 in just 35 balls against Bangladesh in 2017. Still, no one has broken this record in the international T20 format.

Fastest century in T20 of David miller
David Miller made a century

While in ODI format Ab de villiers takes the lead. He holds a record to achieve hundred score milestone in just 31 balls. South Africa was playing against West Indies in Johannesburg in 2015, when he executed such an outclass performance and became prominent among all players. Ab de villiers has taken just one more ball from Gayle to score a ton. But records are made to be broken. No one knows, when a champ starts roaring louder than these lions.

Fastest century in ODI by Ab de villiers
Ab de villier after fastest century in ODI



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    January 10, 2023 at 6:46 am

    Waiting to see such action again

    • Manthar

      January 10, 2023 at 7:17 am

      What a Match that was

    • Manthar

      January 10, 2023 at 7:19 am

      An unforgettable Match

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