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The Game Changers: Examining The Impact Of Impact Players In IPL 2023

David Miller Impact Player IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its high-octane cricket and exhilarating gameplay. In the recently introduced Impact Player rule, each team can name four extra players at the toss, out of which any one player can be substituted into the game at any point in time. This rule has added an extra dimension to the game, making it more thrilling and exciting. In this article, we will examine the impact of impact players in IPL 2023 so far.

Impact Of Impact Player Rule

Venkatesh Iyer in as impact player.

The impact player rule has proven to be an ideal strategy for teams in the IPL 2023, assisting them in balancing their side by covering their weak spot with an extra player. Venkatesh Iyer’s 83 (40) against CSK, Harshal Patel’s 3/32 against RR, and Riley Meredith’s 2/33 against SRH are some notable performances by impact players in IPL 2023 so far.

How Exactly Teams Are Using This Rule

Teams have been using the impact player rule differently to suit their game plan. Some teams are using impact players to strengthen their top order, while others are using them to boost their bowling attack. Some teams are choosing to bring in an impact player early in the innings to maximize their impact, while others are holding them back as a trump card for the later stages of the game. This flexibility in strategy has added a new level of excitement to IPL 2023 and has made the game even more unpredictable.

Benefiting Batters More Than Bowlers

However, the impact player rule has significantly impacted the batters more than the bowlers. With an extra batter in the team, batters are playing more freely, taking risks, and going for the big shots. This has resulted in some-high scoring matches and massive totals posted on the board. Talking to the media, Faf said, “With the new rule, you just feel like you need more runs. You feel like it’s maybe 10 or 15 runs you need to get more.”

The Average first innings total so far in the IPL 2023 is 183.4. Last year, it was 171.1. The stat below clearly shows the impact of impact players.

12 Vs. 12: More Options And Flexibility

Dehli Capitals Think Tank

Another significant impact of the impact rule is the 12 vs. 12 concept. With an additional player at their disposal, teams now have the luxury of having more options and flexibility in their playing XI. This has resulted in teams fielding stronger lineups with a depth of batting, allowing their top order to play more freely without worrying about the lack of batting depth.

Opportunities For Local Players

One of the most notable impacts of the impact player rule is its increased opportunities for local players. With a limit on overseas players, teams can now include more local talent in their playing XI. In 2022, 91 Indian players featured in the first 24 matches of the IPL, and in 2023 in the equivalent matches, 107 Indian players have featured.

Year Indian Players Used (In The First 24-Matches)
2019 78
2020 82
2021 76
2022 91
2023 107

Veterans Make An Impact

Ishant Sharma in as Impact Player

Another advantage of the impact player rule is its revitalization of veteran players. Players who were battling to keep their spot in the squad can now focus solely on their role as an impact player, easing their burden. For example, suppose a player struggles with fielding and batting, but his primary skill is bowling. In that case, he can extend his career by focusing on bowling and playing exclusively as an impact player, ultimately benefiting the team.



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