The owners of Manchester United showcase interest in WIPL

The Man United club’s owners, who’d already applied for an Indian Premier League (IPL) team, have indicated that they are interested in the Women’s IPL. Avaram Glazer is reportedly strongly considering the WIPL, according to a spokesperson for the owners who was interviewed by a news outlet on the occasion of the ILT20 at Dubai, in which they have purchased the Desert Vipers squad.

The President of Desert Vipers, Phil Oliver, informed on Friday, “Having invested in the ILT20, it really is appropriate for us to explore into other cricket options throughout the globe, especially Women’s IPL” (January 13). It is now disclosed that the BCCI in India would hold an auction for the WIPL teams on January 25.

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He has, nevertheless, declined to say if they have purchased the Invitation to Tender (ITT) paper, which is necessary to buy a team. “I am delighted to report that we are investigating all alternatives, including the WIPL, albeit I am unable to disclose the specifics of where we stand in that process. We have an interest in the Indian market. Many cricket enthusiasts from India will be monitoring this competition to find out everything the Desert Vipers have to offer. We hope to introduce an entertaining form of cricket to Indian fans, as well as to all of our supporters worldwide” Oliver remarked. Purchases of the ITT can be made through January 21.

It is said that since the BCCI just unveiled the WIPL franchise ITT, it has generated considerable buzz in both the Indian and international markets. It is reported that around 20 parties, including the majority of the current IPL teams and those who failed out on purchasing an IPL franchise in 2021, have taken the ITT, and there may be fierce bidding competition.

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