The R Ashwin Effect: TNPL Goes Global as Cricket World Applauds Spinner’s Decision-making

R Ashwin’s actions, according to Chopra, have made the TNPL well-known worldwide.

Akash Chopra Had Thanks R Ashwin

According to cricket pundit Aakash Chopra, the latest incident involving Ravichandran Ashwin in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) has attracted attention on a global scale. Ashwin, who is the Dindigul Dragons’ current leader in the competition, gained notoriety for his review of the third umpire’s ruling. Ashwin’s actions, according to Chopra, have made the TNPL well-known worldwide. He commended the third umpire for thoroughly reviewing the video and concluding that the ball had not made touch with the bat during the spike brought on by the bat striking the ground. The presence of spikes both before and after the ball left the bat was also noted by Chopra.

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R Ashwin Made Never Before DRS

During the match, Ashwin requested a caught behind off his own bowling on the fifth ball of the 13th over. R Rajkumar of Trichy was first ruled out by the field umpire, but the hitter asked for a review. Despite a spike on the Ultra-edge, the third umpire overturned the on-field ruling and called Rajkumar “not out” after determining that the bat had impacted the ground.Ashwin instantly signalled for a second review after being unsatisfied with the choice.

The Dragons finished sixth last season but were unable to make the playoffs since they only managed two victories in their seven games. Nevertheless, they had a good TNPL 2023 season debut, defeating Ba11sy Trichy in a resounding fashion.

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  1. Aswin took double review on same incidents…That showed how confident he was about the decision and also good gor TNPL to be well known globally