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The Real Reason Behind Woman Slapping the Cop in the IPL Final is Out Now?

IPL is highly celebrated league in India and around the world. Emotions keeps running down within the spectators and sometimes it create havoc. Many a time it can be seen supporter from either side involve in a nasty fight during the cricket match.

Final Between CSK and GT

The game between GT and CSK was decided by the final ball. CSK was victorious and went on to win five IPL championships thanks to Jadeja‘s heroics. For supporters of CSK and MSD, it was their dream come true. In terms of a team’s total number of IPL titles won, CSK and MI are tied. The key indicator of the favorable outcome for CSK is their overall season performance.

Fan Slapped and Hit the Male Officer

The IPL final match between CSK and GT was delayed due to rain. Meanwhile, an unusual scene was captured in the stands of the world’s largest stadium. A female fan can be seen slapping and pushing the officer several times, while all the spectators present look on at the fight. However, the reason behind this altercation is unknown. Do you think this behavior is acceptable?

Netizen Divide in Two Parts

The woman’s slapping of the cop is currently trending on the internet. Everybody has their own perspective. Some people who are in favour of the officer continued by claiming that the gentleman officer didn’t respond back even after being humiliated. Some are standing by the woman and suggesting that the cop may have committed some disturbing act that led to the woman standing up for herself. Gender conflict has only recently started following the occurrence, and the true cause is still a mystery. Things will become evident sooner or later, but until then, the online verbal combat will continue unabated.

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