Top 3 Legendary Trios of IPL and PSL

Franchise teams are always seeking combinations that would win them matches in T20 leagues. In this quest, they often pool up players which together form the core of the team and make the team invincible. Here is a list of 3 legendary trios of IPL and PSL who have been instrumental in their team’s success.

1. Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, and AB de Villiers – Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

Royal Challengers Bangalore have a knack of picking big names. However, the most iconic trio they formed was of Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers. All three are very different players from each other. However, each of them is a match winner, and have the capability to win matches single handedly. Numerous times have RCB and IPL fins witnessed the ‘Gayle Storm,’ followed by an ABD blitz. Moreover, who can forget the contributions of King Kohli, who likes to constructs his innings but can accelerate any time the team needs.

Virat, Gayle & AB in a rare single frame

This legendary trio has contributed massively to the success of RCB. It was a treat for the cricket fans to see these amazing players in one color. For the longest period, RCB was synonymous with this trio. Now, both Gayle and AB have retired, however Kohli is still with RCB.

2. Rashid Khan, Haris Rauf, and Shaheen Shah Afridi – Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandars is the most profitable franchise of Pakistan Super League. However, they won their first league title in the seventh season. This was only possible because they had found a perfect trio in form of Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf and Rashid Khan. There are very few franchise teams who have two fast bowlers capable of bowling 145+. Add a mystery leg spinner and the bowling line-up becomes almost unplayable. The trio has led the team to the title. Moreover, in the current eighth season the team sits on top of the table majorly because of this amazing trio.

3. MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, and Ravindra Jadeja – Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

No team can succeed without a core team of players, who the team can rely on in tough situations. Chennai Super King’s case is no different, it had a trio which with each passing season not only improved but after three seasons acquired the coveted status of ‘legend.’ CSK’s legendary trio comprised of Dhoni, Jadeja and Raina. MSD by all means is CSK, his smart moves coupled with outrageous batting are of great help to the team. Raina was a great batter, who could hit big and play anchor role at the same time. Jadeja is a true dynamite; he is the epitome of three-dimensional player. These three players together have won more matches for CSK than any other set of players.

CSK's Legendary Trio

In conclusion, these three iconic trios have left an indelible mark on franchise cricket. They have entertained fans with their incredible performances, and their contribution to their respective franchises cannot be understated. While they may not be playing together anymore, their legacy lives on, and their performances continue to inspire the next generation of cricket players.

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