Top 5 Shocking Ashes Moments: “Get Ready For a Broken F**king Arm”

Most Shocking Ashes Moments Ever

The Ashes has produced its fair share of dramatic moments and controversial incidents throughout its long and storied history. From questionable tactics to heated exchanges, let’s explore the top 5 shocking Ashes moments that created controversy and left a lasting impact in the cricketing world.

1. Strauss’s Controversial Time-Wasting Tactics in Ashes 2009

Andrew Strauss Time Wasting Tactics in Ashes 2009

England Captain, Andrew Strauss came under fire in the 2009 Ashes for employing time-wasting tactics. Strauss was accused of intentionally slowing down the game’s pace in the first Test when Monty Panesar and Jimmy Anderson, the last batters were batting to save the game, frustrating the Australian team and spectators alike. His decisions drew criticism and sparked debates about the spirit of the game.

2. Moeen Ali’s Disturbing Revelation: ‘Osama’ Remark in the 2015 Ashes

Moeen was called "Osama" by Australian Players

In a shocking revelation, English cricketer Moeen Ali disclosed in his autobiography that Australian players had racially abused him during the 2015 Ashes series. Ali claimed that some Australian players called him ” Osama “, a deeply offensive remark that ignited a wave of condemnation. This incident highlighted the importance of promoting inclusivity and combating racism in cricket.

3. Mitchell Johnson Vs Kevin Peterson in the Ashes 2013/14

Mitchell Johnson Vs Kevin Peterson

One of the most infamous on-field incidents ever between Kevin Peterson and Mitchell Johnson during the 2013/14 Ashes series was nothing short of epic. They were continuously engaging in verbal battles. When Johnson was running to bowl the delivery Kevin Peterson pulled off at the last moment which led Johnson to throw the ball toward him, making things pretty intense.

4. Bodyline Series

Bodyline Ashes Series

One of the most infamous moments in Ashes history was the Bodyline series of 1932-1933. The series witnessed a controversial approach employed by England, where their bowlers delivered short-pitched deliveries aimed at the batsman’s bodies. The strategy led to heated exchanges and threats to the spirit of the game, straining the relations between the two nations and forever altering the cricketing landscape.

5. Clarke’s Infamous Words: ‘Get Ready for a Broken F**king Arm’

Michael Clarke's fight with James Anderson

In the 2013-2014 Ashes series, Australian captain Michael Clarke was caught on the microphone delivering a notorious threat to England fast bowler James Anderson: “Get ready for a Broken Fuckin Arm.” This heated exchange further escalated the intensity of the series, highlighting the fierce rivalry and passion between the two teams. Clarke’s words have since become synonymous with the aggressive nature of Ashes contests.

The Ashes has consistently provided cricket fans with captivating moments, from controversial incidents to fierce battles on the field. These top 5 shocking Ashes moments have not only added drama and spice to the rivalry but have also shaped the narrative of this iconic rivalry. Ashes 2023 is 16 days away, read this article to find all the details regarding Ashes 2023: Ashes 2023: An Immortal Chapter in Cricket’s Hallowed History

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