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Top 5 SRH Fielders with Most Catches in IPL

Top 5 SRH Fielders with most catches in IPL

Explore the exceptional fielding prowess of SRH players in the IPL. The top 5 fielders with the most catches, providing insights into their remarkable skills on the field.

5. Manish Pandey – 28

Manish Pandey stands out among Sunrisers Hyderabad’s top fielders, securing 28 catches in IPL matches from 2018 to 2021. His 51 appearances showcase consistent reliability, contributing to SRH defensive strength with 3 match-defining catches.

4. Bhuvneshwar Kumar – 29

Source: ESPN

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s fielding prowess, often overshadowed by his bowling, shines through with 29 catches in 141 innings for SRH (2014-2024). While stationed mainly in the outfield, his crafty variations also secure caught-and-bowled chances, showcasing his all-round talent.

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3. Shikhar Dhawan – 38

Shikhar Dhawan, renowned for his batting prowess, also boasts exceptional fielding skills. With 38 catches in 85 matches for SRH (2013-2018), he proves his reliability beyond batting. Dhawan’s contributions extend to crucial catches, solidifying SRH defensive strategies.

2. Kane Williamson – 39

Kane Williamson shines as Sunrisers Hyderabad’s top fielder, snatching 39 catches in IPL matches between 2015 and 2022. His consistency in securing catches across 76 innings underscores his invaluable contribution to the team’s defensive efforts.

1.David Warner – 46

David Warner stands as Sunrisers Hyderabad’s top catcher in IPL, snatching 46 catches between 2014 and 2021. With consistent fielding prowess across 95 matches, his reliability in the outfield is undeniable, securing vital dismissals for the team.

5.Manish Pandey2018-202128
4.Bhuvneshwar Kumar2014-202429
3.Shikhar Dhawan2013-201838
2.Kane Williamson2015-202239
1.David Warner2014-202146

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