Top England Bowlers of All time

James Yelling

The Top England bowlers listing consists of some of the fastest bowlers in the world. England is known to have one of the best and most formidable teams in test history. It is also the oldest cricketing nation in history. England has produced some of the best cricketers in the world.

Top 5 England Bowlers

James Anderson

James is one of the greatest England bowlers of all time. He holds 667 scalps to his name and is the highest Test-capped player with a whopping 169 caps. With a strike rate of 56.1, James is the highest wicket-taker in England’s cricket history.

Top england bowler James Anderson
James Anderson of England

Stuart Broad

Stuart’s bowling prowess shone through in a test cricket series between England and Australia in 2015. He made a record 8/15 bowling spell record in this match. Stuart holds second place in the list of England’s highest wicket-takers.

Top England bowler Staurt Broad
Stuart Broad of England celebrates the wicket

Sir Ian Botham

Ian has 383 scalps to his name. He is one of the most prolific cricketers England has ever had. This has earned him a spot in the list of top England bowlers in test history. Ian was the leading test wicket-taker up until Anderson broke his record. Definitely a mean feat. Won’t you agree?

Top England Bowler Ian Botham
Sir Ian Botham Bowling

Fred Trueman

Is it an accurate listing if Trueman is not on the list of top England bowlers? We don’t think so. Fred was the first cricketer in history to achieve 300 test wickets. Many bowlers have come after him but Trueman remains one of the best bowlers England ever had.

Top England bowler fred trueman
Legend Fred Trueman

Bob Willis

Bob was a force to reckon with during the 80s. His 6 feet tall figure gave him an edge and he used this to bring his national team notable victory. Willis had 325 wickets to his name proving his stellar performance.

Bob willis
Bob Willis: An outstanding Bowler of England

Tips on How to Become a Great Bowler

  1. Ensure you keep a firm grip on the ball but do not hold it too tight. Squeezing the ball too tightly may cause too much tension on your arms and shoulders. This may result in poor delivery.
  2. Learning how to generate momentum using your wrist could give you the edge you need. Your arm should stop just above your waist when releasing the ball. This will help increase your speed.
  3. Find the right speed, distance, and angle that you are comfortable with before ball delivery.

The Top England bowlers ranking is a debate that is bound to continue in the cricket world. But, the cricketers listed in the article are the best bowlers in England’s test history.

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