Virat Kohli’s cryptic social media posts spark speculation about his relationship with Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid

Virat Kohli has been bothered by something ever since the World Test Championship match against Australia began. Many people are guessing about his relationship with skipper Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid because he frequently posts mysterious comments on social media.

Virat’s Post on Social Media Arises Question

He might have been dissatisfied with the squad’s selection or felt that the team administration had rejected his suggestions. After losing the Oval final to Australia, he posted another statement on social media. To win the WTC championship, the Pat Cummins-captained squad defeated India by 209 runs. He published a Lao Tzu quotation that read, “Silence is the source of great strength.”

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Virat Kohli Couldn’t Contribute Much in the Final

In the title match, Virat was unable to contribute as much as he would have liked. Kohli only managed to score 14 runs in the first inning but 49 in the second. The cricket experts were furious when he was out in the final innings. They questioned his propensity for wasting his wicket. He pursued a wide ball bowled by Scott Boland and gave Steve Smith a catch in the process. India was under pressure once Kohli left, and they were unable to recover till the very end.

Eventually India lost yet another ICC Event in a big stage and the ICC Trophy draught still continues for 10 years after CT wins in 2013 under MS Dhoni.

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  1. No offense but Virat and Rohit both should contribute more in the FInalAlso the Indian squad was enough to win against Aussies

  2. Undoubtedly Kohli is a genius player but unlike Smith He could not light up in big match like WTC He should play a longer innings

  3. I believe Kohli has no issues with Rohit and Dravid Its Just the fact that the days were not in favor of tea Indiathats why Kohli quoted

  4. I believe its nothing to do with Rahul or Rohit Its just frustation that Virat could not perform according to his level

  5. Sometimes things will not happen according to your desire still you should focus on how to win Someone should take the anchor role either in batting or bowling

  6. Silent is ok but performance should matter focus on your ability next time that will help the team to win

  7. How on earth Kohli played badly in first innings where Austraila already scored above 400 come on kohli at least you can play better in first innings then a lot of pressure could be removed in second innings

  8. Sorry to say that no one in team India looked thirsty to be champion What a tremendous defeatno players can walk way from accepting this

  9. From my side it is totally lack of confidence and not judging Australian strength properlyHow on earth team India could bear such a huge defeatPlease Virat nothing to do about Dravid Rohit and You could take the game more seriously